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Congratulations on your purchase of a Chevrolet Tahoe or Suburban. Please vehicle’s features and your Owner Manual to ensure an outstanding ownership. Chevy Suburban Owner Manual [Chevrolet Automotive] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Chevrolet Tahoe Owner’s Manual. Chevrolet Tahoe Suburban Owners Manual [Chevrolet] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Owners Manual.

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Parking Brake For vehicles with a release handle, set the parking brake by holding the regular brake pedal down, then pushing down the parking brake pedal. Battery on page Make sure the cover slot in the holder faces rearward with the round surface facing down.

Engine Overheating The vehicle has several indicators to warn of engine overheating. AUTO appears in the display when automatic operation is active.

Chevy Suburban Owner Manual: Chevrolet Automotive: : Books

Check the oil as soon as possible and have the vehicle serviced. Press this button within suburbwn seconds after entering a numeric selection, to clear all numerical inputs. Your eyes need to constantly sweep the terrain for unexpected obstacles. If the vehicle is a Two-mode Hybrid, see the Two-mode Hybrid manual for more information.

Chevrolet 2009 Suburban Owner’s Manual

These parts of the body are best able to take belt restraining forces. When this message displays, power is no longer available to the trailer brakes.


Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Windshield Wipers Turn the band with the wiper symbol to control the windshield wipers. Be sure to read and follow the instructions for the trailer brakes so they are installed, adjusted and maintained properly. No change will be made to this feature. A beep sounds and Ejecting Disc displays. See Power Liftgate on page for more information.

Make sure that there is nothing under, in front of, or on the seat. In moderate to severe side collisions, even belted occupants can contact the inside of the vehicle.

View shipping rates and policies Average Customer Review: If this occurs, use a gasoline rated at 87 octane or higher as soon as possible. Theft-Deterrent Systems Vehicle theft is big business, especially in some cities.

Rust or dirt on a wheel, or on the parts to which it is fastened, can make wheel nuts become loose after time. Attach the wheel wrench to the jack handle extension. Never put a rear-facing child restraint in the right front seat. If the Off Indicator is Lit for an Adult-Size Occupant If a person of adult-size is sitting in the right front passenger seat, but the off indicator is lit, it could be because that person is not sitting properly in the seat.

Section 1 Head Restraints It is located inside the vehicle to the lower left of the steering wheel. Restraint System Check Checking the Restraint Systems Safety Belts Now and then, check that the safety belt reminder light, safety belts, buckles, latch plates, retractors, and anchorages are all working properly. The delay that is received after shifting out of R Reverse is approximately 10 seconds.


The system can also be controlled with the front controls. When the passenger sensing system has turned off the right front passenger frontal airbag, the off indicator will light and stay lit to remind you that the airbag is off. Braking action involves perception time and reaction time. A rock, log, hole, rut, or bump can startle you if you are not prepared for them. Replacement blades come in different types and are removed in different ways. Reclining Seatbacks To recline the seatback, do the following: Then stop the vehicle.

Position the center lift point of the jack under the center of the spare tire. Here are some driving tips to get the best fuel economy possible. If you drive your vehicle while the engine is overheating, severe engine damage may occur.

This is true for all vehicles. If no coolant is visible in the surge tank, add coolant as follows: