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The artificer is a playable character class in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fantasy role-playing game. This fictional class of characters first appeared in the pretty soon i may be joining in a long running epic level campaign, and i was considering trying out the artificer class. the idea of a. In Eberron, magic is almost technology. Spellcasters specialize in ceertain forms of that technology, while artificers tinker with its fundamental workings. Artificers.

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If you don’t already use it put the rune arm use feat in your hotbar.

The original Artificer was more of a He needs 8 hours of rest, after which he spends 15 minutes concentrating. The artificer is a unique base class that reflects many of the core themes of Eberron. Costs are always determined using the item’s minimum caster level or the artificer’s actual level if it is higher.

Artificers have a funny interaction with WBL. For example, an artificer wants to retain the essence of a wand of summon monster IV that has 20 charges. Any unsuccessful roll for the artificer regarding a Wrtificer Skill enables him to recover half of the item’s magic item creation costs. Frankly, I think the designers and novelists did great work in the post-Spellplague Realms. I don’t yet know what other constructs are weak to rust damage yet, but that’s pretty interesting.

Scrolls are your backup and rare use utility spells.


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An artificer need not have any of the prerequisites normally required for Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor. They can make everything. The artificer must make a succesful check for each prerequisite for each item he makes. An artificer need not have any of the prerequisites normally required for Craft Rod.

In addition, whenever an artificer uses an item successfully with Use Magic Artifocer, he does not need to attempt the check ever again with that particular item.

Devoted artificer of the church of Scorching Ray. This can help an artificer if he desires to fulfill a specific role, and artificer’s are quite adept at fulfilling various functions.

They search for hidden arcane secrets related to making magic items or constructs. An artificer’s abilities are primarily limited by his crafting skill, as many enchantments can duplicate abilities of a class. No published race has artificer as a favored class, though being a warforged artificer gives the player the advantage of being able to use his infusions on himself.

He must also meet the caster level prerequisite, including the minimum level to cast a spell he stores in potion, wand, or scroll. At 4th level, an artificer can create a homunculus as if he had the Craft Construct feat. Back from a lengthy vacation from Giantitp. Thus Artificers are able to make use of item creation feats such as forge ring and craft wondrous item without the experience penalty that other spell casters must take.


NPC artificers will normally travel between major cities or set up in a major city to support their profession.

Artificer It’s kinda funny how much I like this class [Archive] – Dungeons & Dragons Online Forums

Epic Artificer Power Ex: The artificer’s class level continues to count as his effective caster level for Mimic Spell and for purposes of artiricer spellsbut it does not give him the ability to use spells in any capacity except in the creation and usage of items.

So far, the artificer seems like a melee cleric with better items and worse BAB. He can use this ability to construct other types of homunculi such as the ones found on pages — of the Eberron Campaign Setting.

Persistant wands of rhino’s charge? Craft HomunculusBonus Feat. These checks can also be used as substitutes for race or alignment requirements.

Artificer (3.5e Class)

At 12th level the artificer has reached an extent of his abilities. Firstly, item creation reduction feats. Never played one in 3.

In fact, he can use UMD to mimic any spell xrtificer to create any item temporary or permanent. A deeper look at DDO’s Update 15″. His abilities are defined by the items that come into his possession, so unlike other classes he is not forced into any one position or role.