AD&D Wizard’s Spell Compendium Vol 1: PB printing TSR/Wizards of the Wizard’s Spell Compendium Volume 1, TSR #, AD&D, + Pages of. Wizard’s Spell Compendium. Volume One . The basic format of the AD&D 2nd Edition rules was our starting For spell names that include a wizard’s name. Cntirc wriw of F%-. a d Compendium books coven w i w d spells ore- In the awiageAD&D campaign .. the spell, the wizard indicates two othcr spells (cast.

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Wizards Spell Compendiums

I de-duplicated all of the spells and collected the schools into one field each. Veras July 24, at 8: Ozymandias September 14, at Delta January 21, at Where the original spreadsheet was all-caps, I put this one in title case matching the text of the Compendium itself.

I’ve only made my way through “D” so far, and I’ve noticed two things: View my complete profile. The most glaring is that every spell was entered multiple times, once for each school of magic to which it belongs.

Delta August 25, at 1: Feel free to send af&d more corrections if you find them esp. Book of War Mass combat with miniatures Available at Lulu. I was really surprised when I couldn’t find a number from my initial search.


Wizards Spell Compendium: Dungeons & Dragons | eBay

At the current rate of transcription, I expect I’ll be finished by this coming Christmas. Mel January 21, at 2: Also I wish the list included campaign-world-specific identifiers, but that’s not here.

James Rizza at Dragonsfoot made what seems to be the first attempt at this here. Delta January 28, at I notice at this time that the first 2 of the 4 volumes are now again?

Delta’s D&D Hotspot: AD&D Wizard’s Spell Compendium Index

First, there is no standard system for determining damage dice. View my complete profile.

Delta June 22, at 5: Delta September 4, at The second thing is the disparity between spells with damage and those without. Certainly I agree, especially the more world-specific ones. Middle level spells are more numerous because they are the middle ground between simplicity, power, etc Ozymandias August 11, at 2: But I do think think the editors did some pretty reasonable work in that direction already.

Posted by Delta at 5: I’m sure there’s still a bunch of errors that I haven’t yet caught.

Ozymandias August 13, at 2: Delta July 27, at A spreadsheet index of all the spells is available from James Rizza on Dragonsfoot.


His counting there different from mine indicates 3, spells total! Delta September 19, at Jon Hiesfelter January 22, at 3: Roughly comparing it to Math, lower level spells are basic arithmetics, middle level spells are linear algebra and calculus and higher levels spells are the Simplex algorithm and the Boltzmann equation Unknown April 17, at 4: That runs up against the cardinal rule of database management, that is, to not duplicate the same data in multiple places — because every copy is another opportunity for errors to creep in, fields to fall compenidum, etc.

I’m sure spfll was done to enable sorting by school, which was an important mechanic for 2E specialty spellcasters, but an immensely better way to do that would be to use the spreadsheet FIND function appropriately. While I loved these books for putting everything into one place, you need to be careful with allowing everything in these books into your games.