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could result. 0 For DC powered systems, use Aiphone power supply model specified with . A Even if two GH-VBC units are used as extension adaptors. Brand new Aiphone GH-BC Intercom Accessories at Wholesale Prices & Free Shipping – Returning Customers get Extra 15% Off by using our Free VIP. GH-BC AIPHONE BUSS CONTROL. Model. Category: Accessories. Description; Reviews (0). Product Description. Audio bus control unit for GH system.

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Direct selection 8 stations. Activates while the button is pressed. For details, see 2. You will hear a low-volume call tone.

Skipped at time of entrance station monitoring. Strip away the jacket of the cable and insert all wires into the slots in an orderly fashion. Make aipnone to run the cable under the terminal cover for protection.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Maximum units per sub trunk line. For information on how to use the setup tool, see the text. Password reset switch Set the password reset switch to ON for 2 seconds or more during standby will reset the password set to ” ” at time of shipment. Do not dismantle or alter the unit. Page 9 Expanded System Configuration Diagram1.


Aiphone GH-BC Manuals

For details, see above. Example of interconnection of modules. Common trunk line 1, Homerun wiring Do not mix station-to-station wiring and homerun wiring. Press the light button once while in communication.

Pair cable solid wire not strandedpolyethylene insulated, diameter 0. If you press the talk button while monitoring, you cancommunicate with that entrance station.

Your manual failed to upload Set the system to program mode. If installing a digital entry system, the program for loading names and qiphone for each tenant is also located on the CD. To position the speech module in the center aiphonne, run GF-C through the joint pipe in advance.

Remove the terminal cover. For GH-SW, press the corresponding call button and release quickly.

Aiphone GH-BC Audio Bus Control Unit for GH System, 1 per standard system (GHBC GH Bc)

It’s a community-based auphone which helps to repair anything. Sub trunk line 1 – 4 Sub trunk line 2 – 4 are the same as 1. From the speech module to the next module, insert the attached connector into the socket.

When the system includes GHNS, program the resident information names and roomnumbers in advance. Make sure that all units are installed and wired properly. Making a call by entering the room numberc. Homerun wiring For details, see Do not mix station-to-station wiring and homerun wiring.


View from the initial camera position2. Enter the access code.

Aiphone GH-BC Manuals

When the system isbeing used for communication, an in-use tone will be heard at theresidential station. Repeat these steps and program all residential stations. Calling a Residential Station1. When units do not operate normally, request repairs from a qualified technician. Loosen the base screw and open and remove the front panel. A different gj-bc tone sounds there is no communicationavailable. For details, see to Plug in the ribbon cables between modules in a daisy-chained manner.

Do not mix station-to-station wiring with homerun wiring. You will hear a low-volume call tonefrom the entrance station. A continuous beep will be emitted to verify the communication link has been cleared.

Program the residentinformation names and room numbers in advance. Clean the units with a soft cloth dampened with a neutral household cleanser.