A genealogy of fanaticism—unearthing its long history, before it became a tool in the Clash of Civilizations It is commonplace to hear fanaticism. Fanaticism on MR Online | There are few terms in our political vocabulary as damning as ‘fanatic’. Beyond tolerance Posted Oct 02, by Alberto Toscano. In his Fanaticism: On the Uses of an Idea, the scholar Alberto Toscano traces the history of the idea of fanaticism, a politics of passionate and unconditional.

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This view ignores any distinction between the principal issues—racist or imperialist aggression—and real but subordinate matters: Thus, Kant made an effort to distinguish between enthusiasm, which he favored, and fanaticism, which he did not.

Fanaticism: A brief history of the concept

Not terribly novel, but a good resume and update of the tired old chestnut: The whites were no longer to be feared, and such purposeless massacres degrade and brutalize a population, especially one which was just beginning as a nation and had so bitter fanaicism past. Ricardo Pereira rated it liked it Apr 29, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Demetrius rated it it was ok May 17, Muge rated it really liked it Jun 22, The principal political tasks posed by political Islam are not, as some liberals and former leftists would have it, the defense of the fanaricism Enlightenment against fanaticism and unreason.

Fanayicism Publishers, Firstly, it is worth noting that in Hegel Islam appears as a spiritual and political phenomenon. What is the political core of the Kantian discourse on fanaticism?


We could similarly say that the notion of fanaticism exists within a penumbra emanating toscwno other important and far more precise concepts. Refresh and try again. State socialism too was often read in a psychological and religious key, leaving aside serious historical and sociological analyses.

Oliver Goulden rated it really liked it Feb 26, No trivia or quizzes yet. It is a pathology to be eradicated. Critical spirit, the use of reason to engage in political action, is of the essence of classical Marxism.


Paul Heideman fanaticosm UnAmerican: While the rebel sans-culotte is implicitly seen as a fanatical and pathological figure, the revolutionary movement is saved and universalized through its effect on the spectatorwho judges it in terms of human history and the sign of universality that afnaticism conveys. On the Uses of an Idea by Alberto Toscano. In trying to defend the constitutionality of a right to privacy that is not explicitly spelled out in the U.

Top story Donna Murch interviewed by Sherry Wolf.

Fanaticism: On the Uses of an Idea by Alberto Toscano

But rarely is the history of albrrto term and the variety of its uses examined. The historical use of the notion of fanaticism to describe widely different behaviors in many differing contexts could render the notion pretty useless: About Fanaticism The idea of fanaticism as a deviant or extreme variant of an already irrational set of religious beliefs is today invoked by the West in order to demonize and psychologize any non-liberal politics.

Looking for More Great Reads? Chapter on Marx and religion manages to add something to the old insight that opium is medicine, salvific, not necessarily a pure befuddlement and distraction.

Fanaticism by Alberto Toscano | : Books

Nightocelot rated it did not like it Jun 26, The same can be said for our objections to the Iranian rulers, given their vulnerability to attacks by the U. Please try again later. May 04, Pages. Alone the Orwellian title of one of his recent opinion pieces gives us a sense of the dangers of partisan anti-fanaticism: The anti-historicity of the concept in part allows for its often arbitrary and hypocritical use.


Ignasi rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Although unquestionably an erudite work, it is often difficult to follow and seems to have been addressed to doctoral students and professors of political theory familiar with the literature and controversies in the field rather than to a lay, politically interested audience.

For political science heavy on philosophy nerds. Open Preview See a Problem? Stay in Touch Sign up. Instead, in a radical new interpretation, he places the fanatic at the very heart of politics, arguing that historical and revolutionary transformations require a new understanding of his role.

As is well-known, in the Phenomenology of Spirit Hegel recognizes in this negating movement of abstract, subjective freedom the spiritual force behind the Reign of Terror and its ruthless logic of suspicion — an idea that Alain Badiou has recently brought back in The Century 9 in order to summarize the essence of the twentieth century.

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