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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Truth has officially ruined me for all other books! If youthought Truth: Book 2 of the Consequences Series – Kindle edition by Aleatha Romig. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Claire Nichols endured the consequences of Anthony Rawlings’ vendetta. When she first arrived at his home, her goal was survival. Through strength and. Truth (Consequences) *spoiler alert* While I don’t give anything away in this review, in terms of twists and reveals, I DO work through my.

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A big round of applause goes to Aleatha Romig It’s what it is.

Book Review – Truth by Aleatha Romig

Who knows what and when, and at what stage secrets are known and revealed??? And Tony… He might just make you believe in redemption. Thankfully, there is to be a third book, Convicted, to finally tie up all the loose ends and, once and for all, finally explain who exactly did what and why they did it.

How does Sophia Burke fit into the puzzle that is Tony and Claire? Do I need to say more? I jumped immediately into Truth following Consequences. Enjoy the conversation Tony has with Catherine regarding a certain box of information sent to Claire while she was in prison.


He wouldn’t stop stalking claire. What an exhilarating ride!

There is also another mastermind more ruthless, psychotic and devilish than Tony. I wish 3 was closer to being released. I could, there’s more, but I’m exhausted. Yep, I know crazy but true. The only character that I liked was Emily, she was the only one with common sense. Tony had a bad upbringing. View all 3 comments. Mar 14, Melissa Page rated it really liked it.

If she wanted that too, all walls were down. Can Claire trkth trust him after everything that he’s done? Could she handle him—the real him? I was preparing myself for the unexpected! The level of detail, and effort that aleatah into fulfilling a certain vendetta was over-the-top, but fantastic freaky fearful fun for fiction. Conspiracy and unfulfilled promises result in an early prison release for Claire. I lost sleep over these books, I never knew what was coming next, Aleatha Romig has the ability to constantly surprise and she This is, quite simply, a brilliantly told mind-bender.

Faced with freedom from her past… can Claire seize it? Witness his thoughts as his control is not only challenged but lost, and as he comes to terms with the new truth. I will admit that somehow Ms. I do however, appreciate how Tony tackles shit head on — he plows over whatever or whomever is in his way. Nov 23, Christy rated it it was amazing.


Watching him come undone was remarkable in itself. The pearl necklace melted my heart She meets with Harry,Amber’s brother.

Truth by Aleatha Romig : Scandalicious

There are many twists and many surprises. And the game continues Lists with Tfuth Book. So at that point, I put my seat belt on and held on tight as I rode this wild and emotional ride. But it’s not over people View all 18 comments.

This aleath is ludicrous. If you poison us do we not die? Mar 09, Shamika rated it it was amazing Shelves: In this book, I did feel sorry for Tony. I got so paranoid in the beginning of this book.