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Documents, presets, manuals Alesis MidiVerb III – Audiofanzine. ALESIS MidiVerb 3 (M3) Service Manual P/N: 4-A ATTENTION! THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS SENSITIVE PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. Does anybody have a PDF of the instruction manual and effects chart for the MidiVerb III?.

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Saving user data may also be accomplished after unit functionality is restored i. Any messages received via MIDI within 40 milliseconds after a parameter change may be ignored. And don’t forget, the judicious application of a little high frequency roll-off courtesy of the EQ section can provide extra interest in terms of sound colouration should it be required. Each significant binary weight starting with the Most Significant Bit is taken in turn, thus requiring only 16 comparisons to achieve a final value.

Because the two devices operate asychronously a great deal of control logic is necessary to prevent buss conflicts. This results in 16 actual bytes, since every two transmitted bytes result in one data byte as shown in the complete memory dump above.

Alesis has no obligation to provide to you any correction of, or supplement to, the Manual, or any new or superseding version thereof.

In order to see these signals properly on the scope, it will be necessary to use an external scope sync use U6, pin 9 as the sync source.

On a more positive note, the manual contains individual block diagrams for each of the 15 configurations, and lists the various effects possibilities available from each.

One is made by Fujitsu, the other by AMI. Actually, given the multiple effects of which each of these units is capable, it is perhaps a little odd that Alesis should have stuck with the verb suffix in the naming of their products. Some crystals are shock sensitive. Gear in this article: Small Print Terms of use Privacy. A thorough knowledge of the operation of this circuit will greatly facilitate troubleshooting this unit.


Even with its restricted programming options, the Midiverb soon exhausts the range of conventional characters and starts to rely on cryptic combinations of upper and lower case letters which often defy recognition without the instruction manual in your hand. If the address is memory map decoded by U17 to indicate access to the SRAM, it sets up a chain of events.

Alesis MidiVerb 3 Manuals

Keep the operating instructions and safety suggestions for reference in the future. Later, the circuit was incorporated into the main PC Board. The product under service may employ the use of a replaceable fuse. For example, in some configurations the chorus effect is connected directly to the output whilst in others it is applied to the input of mifiverb reverb or delay effects.

Faulty power supply bypass capacitor, particularly the cap at the analog switch U9. The added capabilities of an 80C31 micro controller allow for user manipulation and storage of algorithm parameters, as well as effects such as chorus, and flange, that require real-time manipulation of algorithms.

Alesis MidiVerb 3 Manuals

The product should not be used near any water or in moisture. If the product is not used for any significant period of time, the product’s AC power supply cord should be unplugged from the AC outlet.


More on this later. This results in actual bytes, since every two transmitted bytes result in one data byte as follows: The AC power supply plug or cord is damaged, d.

MidiVerb III Manual

Any comments or suggestions you may have pertaining to the document are welcome and encouraged. This is achieved simply by pressing Program and inputting a value directly using the ten buttons sub-labelled OaaaaaaaB first byte bits OOOOOObB second byte bit 7 in bit 0 The first transmitted bytes actual bytes consist of the programseach containing 16 bytes.

When this circuit is functioning incorrectly, a complete lock-up of the machine, will occur. Finally, there are Signal present and Clip LEDs to provide visual indication of input levels and the onset of distortion.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

This diff-amp speeds up the response time of the comparator. I’d have thought they might be tempted to move away from the kind of name which midivverb these are simply reverb units.

It is intended only for the use mifiverb those authorized by Alesis. It is also possible for the choke to short to the case top which is grounded. Next article in this issue Patchwork. The Midiverb III keeps you on the right side of that line and for that reason alone I’d recommend it wholeheartedly.

Do not place the product near heat sources such as stoves, heat registers, radiators or other heat producing equipment.