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One of the most salt and drought tolerant palms, Allagoptera arenaria, or seashore palm, is a beautiful tropical palm from the coastal regions of Brazil. Based on. Common Name: Coast Palm. Allagoptera arenaria. Cultivated plant in Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Florida, USA Photograph by: Carl E. lewis. Image credit . Seashore palm, Beach palm. Atlantic coast of Brazil, from Bahia to Sao Paulo.

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Medium difficulty and others still, on the contrary, may need over two years to recover from being transplanted Greater difficulty. The seashore palm is arensria extensively in South America for the edible fruits which are eaten fresh or made into a drink or jam.

Queen palms planted in the same area grow very poorly, but this little palm thrived. It likes a lot of moisture, but needs very good drainage.

Photo by Margaret Price. But its growth will increase dramatically when placed in a greenhouse, or warm, humid climate and responds well to fertilizer and water. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It prefers sunny sites and can withstand periods of drought. Fruits are small, orange, and get dry soon. Year ISBN Description An excellent book, giving basic information on all the species of palms native to the Americas that were known in Common names Local names used for this palm.


In its native environment, the seashore palm is highly tolerant of poor soils that have good drainage, thriving in soils that are thoroughly moist. It is also one of the most salt tolerant palms grown in cultivation. Diameter areharia the trunk Width or diameter which the trunk of the palm normally reaches when it is adult.

A Bit of Brazil in Vero. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Davesgarden. A Guide to Identification and Cultivation.

Allagoptera arenaria – Palmpedia – Palm Grower’s Guide

It grows in coastal strand, just above the high tide mark, and is widely cultivated as an ornamental throughout South America. Establishment requires not less than 2 to 6 years, but due to its slow growth rate, get one as large as possible when buying this species or you will be looking at a few green blades of grass for many years even a decade maybe.

Photo by Paul Craft. Fruits are small, orange, and get dry soon. Photo by John Kennedy.

Seedling growth and early development are slow. This is a very short, stemless palm original from the SE Brazil. It is easy to grow although it needs well drained soil to thrive. Photo by Kyle Wicomb. Allagoptera arenaria in a 5 g.


The leaves are used to make baskets and other woven objects. This is one of my personal favorite palms for the garden, as it is very ‘user friendly’- easy to grow and no sharp edges.

Photo by Alberto Leonardo Barkema. Year ISBN Description The second edition of an excellent guide to the edible uses of plants, though it does not give any details of cultivation etc.

Sea Palm, Dwarf Palm, Restinga Palm

Seashore palm, Beach palm. Now containing plants. Staminate flowers mm long, the pedicel mm, inserted perpendicular to rachilla; sepals free, glabrous, coriaceous, 2 about 5 x 1. The seashore palm is cultivated in humid tropical, subtropical and warm-temperate regions and planted in gardens and parks. This palm is very drought tolerant once established.

The leaves of the seashore palm emerge right out of the ground from a subterranean trunk that is rarely visible, and grow aremaria a swirling pattern, spreading out on different and seemingly random planes. It tolerates low levels of humidity and summer drought, though it prefers evenly moist but not consistently wet allagpotera.