Final entry into the Alpha Centauri system and insertion into Chiron orbit would be In GURPS Alpha Centauri, we assume that each Project actually repre-. GURPS Alpha Centauri is the usual high quality research and writing that SJGames puts out. I only have the hardback copy of the book, and. GURPS Alpha Centauri came out in , towards the tail end of GURPS 3e’s lifespan. That’s three years after Alien Crossfire hit the shelves.

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Great pictures, lots of info, stats, equipment, possible plots, if you love Alpha take a look at this. I think its perfectly reasonable that planet could have some parasitic lifeforms that constitute benign infections, especailly when its intelectual capacities are not top notch.

He and Miriam fight like cats and dogs — if only they’d finally get a room and fuck, but she’s an ugly bitch and he’s a unwashed dweeb, so it’ll never work out.

You’ll have to hunt for pictures of some of the leaders, as they frequently do not appear on the pages that they should be on. Usurper Judaa Marr Aggressive, transcendence agenda, hates Centquri Caretakers The second alien race and resident that guy. You need to be a member in order to cnetauri a comment. In an Earth sized planet was discovered in the system. Set in the early days of the colonization of Planet, it chronicles the war between the UN Peacekeepers and the Spartans. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The probable canon winner of the expansion story, given his name’s paradoxically on the all-powerful cosmic-string-resonance supergun. The most original feature of Alpha Centauri is that it takes place after civilization advances to space flight.

Although based on his Civilization games, Sid Meier created a fresh way to play colonization computer games with this game.

GURPS Alpha Centauri

This means, she’ll either control a gigantic empire that controls half the planet by the time you encounter her more likely when you let technologies be taken with city conquestsor more hopefully, she’ll get hilariously squished out of existence by overwhelming superiority very early on. Miriam contend with Prokhor Zharov’s University faction, it becomes clear to all the other inhabitants of Planet that this may be the last battle for Alpha Centauri. Takes over for Lal as the first person to get hilariously rolled out in the expansion unless he finds some mind worms double quick.


Guardian Lular H’minee Aggressive, prevent transcendence agenda, hates Manifold Usurpers Planet’s absentee landlords, who have come back after a teensy weensy problem with centaurl other manifold reaching sentience and killing everything within three systems. Definitely worth having in your home library. Share this post Link to post. Don’t even think of playing single player with the old factions in the expansion, they will slowly be whittled away by the well-organized worm army.

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri GURPS

It’s not like you aren’t probably eyeing that cosmic-string supergun and licking your chops. Earth is dead — but in the last years before apha catastrophe, the starship Unity was launched. All about military power and how soldiers are superior to soft lazy civvies like you. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Tends to skimp on her military, deal with her by drowning her in corpses, the manly way. English Choose a language for shopping.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. As the fanatical Believers of Sr. It’s available from the SJGames cejtauri for normal retail price plus shipping.

Help is on the way. Appendix B allows people who own a copy of the computer game a chance to convert what they know from playing the game into GURPS game stats and terms. Please try again later. Of course mind worms become easy-peasy late game, so laugh as centzuri funnels free experience points into your troops.

The expansion pack brought some nuance to the game’s Fluffbut fucked the Crunch in the ass: Yes, even the psychic death worms who lay eggs in your brain. Even so, the supercharged Mind Worm attacks in the expansion can eat these up just as well.

I just wish he didn’t use rapidshare It’s an RPG system by Steve Jackson Games which intends to allow you complete latitude to tailor your settings and rules. Let’s tackle the questions one by one. Fairly strong militarily, but get this, they can’t research at all for the first ten turns and take a massive penalty from then on, so Believers are proper fucked if the early game doesn’t go Just As Planned.


But if you really alphw a spacey 4x game, there’s still Galactic Civilizations 2, although unlike SMAC, GC2 is way, way, way the hell soft scifi and doesn’t take itself seriously even for a moment 3 specific types of armor which only work for one weapon attack each, and space systems being completely intertwined in terms of distance-Failing Physics and Distance Forever.

Alpha Centauri is the best crossover from a computer game to a Role Playing Game available. Many thanks to BU for the eagle-eyed heads-up on this thread. Chapter 6, “Hardware”, gives stats for weapons, vehicles, and other tools which characters use to fight the dangers of the new world.

It includes everything you need to recreate the history of humanity on Planet, from the desperate days after the landing to the edge of human transcendence. Piratical raiders who start in the ocean unchallenged. In pages, Steve Jackson Games manages to convert a great deal of the richness and variety of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri into a hardcover role playing game book.

It was in Other Centayri, if I recall- she implied she was getting it The thread that BU was looking for is here. Sign in Already have an account?

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri GURPS | Civilization Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

One of the better features of this section are the adventure seeds given for each faction. If not, research nerve gas and apply it liberally. That unfortunately is the best thing I can say about the book.