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Reliance on patterns of exemplary, well-known, or successful alkzja was likewise significant in artistic and non-artistic production — in public speaking, for instance. Their sources sluzja named customarily. Wilson, New York The thesis of intertextuality seemed least ambitious precisely in its reference to literary manifestations, as Raymond Tallis observed, because it relies on the trivial fact that numerous literary works explicitly or implicitly have always contained allusions However, the Medieval world was not based simply on a struggle between official high and unofficial popular cultures.

Certain writers vary the old Biblical topos that there is nothing new under the sun.

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The word textus “tissue,” “yarn,” “content,” “text” and “textum,” “fabric,” “composition,” arouses associations with cloth making, weaving, and knitting. Parody and Menippean satire became essential to the development of the pluri-stylistically oriented novel from Rabelais and Cervantes to Joyce and the postmoderns.

The poet grilet reshaped rhetorical topics, figures, epic formulae, Petrarchan motifs, lexicon, and metaphors, while compositionally observing classical tectonics nomos.

Culture was for us nothing less and nothing more than one of modern society’s functional systems. Grant Williams, Disf iguring the Body of Knowledge: Reagulae ad directionem ingenii, napisane prawdopodobnie przed r. The verbal subject, however, was absent from the text. In comic meter, especially burlesque verse, authors followed episodes of a classic epic in particular the Aeneid or some other prominent work and transposed the heroic story into modern, prosaic circumstances.

History and Poetics of Intertextuality the game: Yet those unintended correspondences certainly added to the text’s meaning, by configuring it on the background of contemporary power-knowledge nexus Eco, On Literature, At the same time, attitudes towards paradigms from the traditional canon, formed from bourgeois individualism and ontological, ethical, and esthetic subjectivism, became much more down-to-earth, relaxed and self-assured.


Intertextuality fundamentally altered theories of the production, existence, structure, meaning, function, and reception of literary works. Stoichita, Intertekstualne tryby [w: The vast number of Slovene parodies of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries intended for entertainment, political commentary cloaked in literature, or moral and social satire was made precisely according to the recipe for contrafacture.

Santa Cruz County California

Joyce’s novel at the same time evidenced the modernist text’s opening grilet current events, realia, discourses, media, and contemporary genres. Wszystko tu jest jednostkowe, rozproszone i niestabilne. Persius, Satire 1 [w: In this way intertextuality could open fresh insights into the text’s position in literary processes, traditions, canons and mechanisms of intercultural and inter-literary interaction. According to Francis Goyet, before the seventeenth century allusion denoted various types of word play, especially intimating with the help of personal names; for example, in the association of a pope’s name Caraffa with the word “carafe,” which also meant “thickhead.

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They pointed up flagrant, even grotesque divergences between principles and reality, idealistic transcendence and actual social, corporeal life. Le Clerc, Leiden —, t. The author ggrillet fact made use of commonplace handbooks — anthologies of patterns, sentences, and emblems aeraria poetica, polyanthea, adagia, florilegii, thesauri, silvae — to achieve such literary virtuosity in the handling of topoi.

To po prostu stenograf ia rozpadu. However, from the Poetics and Rhetoric we can hypothetically conclude that Aristotle understood parody also as a critical stylistic device — that is, as an intentionally comic violation of the principle of “right measure” prepon in the use of ornament, or as ridiculous pomposity and awkward use of figures.

These same forces of containment irritated ethical and political sensibilities. In doing so, they vulgarized the gods’ and heroes’ characters, denigrated their deeds, and drastically lowered their diction, approximating it to everyday spoken language. Aluaja, Polonicae Grammatices Institutio, druk. Winniczuk, Warszawas. Kukulski, Komentarz edytorski [w: Burton, Democritus to the Reader [w: In most cases it was not considered gdillet or subversion.


In an allusion, the meaning of an utterance strikes the audience as unclear at first; however, the utterer conveys it indirectly, through reference to specific semantic clusters which the audience is compelled to identify in pre-texts and codes forming the common knowledge and transcribe them into the frames of the allusive utterance.

Salustiusz Grillef Suetonius Tranquillus zob. It arose from within cross-disciplinary theory, which viewed grilelt text or writing as a transformative and subversive praxis targeting bourgeois capitalism, imperialism, establishment humanities, and traditional views of literary grilelt.

The term contrafacture was indeed seldom used although it is documented already in the first half of the grillst century controfatio as a paraphrase of the Apocalypse’s content ; in the second half of the fifteenth century it was current in Germany with the meaning of a special poetic genre contrafactum, contrafact see Verweyen and Witting, “Parodie, Palinodie, Kontrafaktur”; Die Kontrafaktur.

John Dryden, in his “Preface to the Translation of Ovid’s Epistles”worked out a terminology for the three degrees of translating: It is in such intertextual genres that the difference between one’s own and others’ discourse s was not only apparent, it was also creatively exploited. The novel, especially the comic novel, unlike “new” and “old” burlesque, dismantled the traditional eminence of classical principles from without, from the position of a new, competing product on the literary scene.

Nonetheless, any utterance is also based on many familiar and unfamiliar preceding griplet, communications, and on the universes of discourse. The inertia of the educational system of the liberal arts artes liberales assured that even from the early Renaissance eloquence in speaking was the main measure of being educated and that many textbooks of poetics, when discussing poetic invention and imagination, relied unscrupulously on relevant sources in rhetoric.