The Dolphins of Pern (Dragonriders of Pern) [Anne McCaffrey] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two boys, one of them a dragonrider. Anne McCaffrey And Readis must win his parents’ consent to his association with the ‘sea dragons of Pern’ – the bottlenose dolphins. Two boys, one of them a dragonrider, re-establish crucial contact with the wise dolphins, the legendary “shipfish” of Pern.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I know I sound bitter, but this was an author I really liked.

However, in doing so they accidentally damage Persellan’s medical book, and while they are worrying about that Jayge finds them, and angrily asks why they were more concerned with dolphin welfare than humans.

But that was Mel’s interpretation and I soon adjusted. Then McCaffrey had to go and write two Pern books to follow it! A bright boy and one that once rescued by “Shipfish” discovers they can speak. The very next time we saw her character after she had impressed the Green Dragon she was an insufferable bitch. McCaffrey’s favourite characters from Benden ect do make a token appearance to wind up one plot thread, but I think McCaffrey loved them too much to ever completely leave them out, they are not central at least.

Dec 29, Aishuu rated it it was ok Shelves: This was easily the most boring Pern book I have ever read in my life. The book is about the Pernese rediscovering their ancient duties to the dolphins in exchange for the dolphins duty to the humans.

In later books, she lost all of the vulnerable and most of the kind. Strangely Aramina and Jayge to a degree become overly controlling parents and are annoying to the reader while being the driving reason to give Readis his motivation throughout the story – I think the author could have done better there.

Apr 19, Michalina rated it liked it. But at times I wished for more of Readis’s life than the life of the ‘politicians’ of the planet. They were engineered to have human speech and increased intellects, and even generations after humans stopped remembering them, they still remember humans.


The mercifully short second part of the book, which meshes pen the end of All the Weyrsis far less successful. On a school trip to Honshu WeyrholdReadis ends up talking with F’lessan about his future, F’lessan suggesting he pursue his interest in dolphins and perhaps even establish a Crafthall like Masters Benelek Computer Craft or Hamian Plastic Craft.

It obviously dealt with the sentient dolphins that came over with the colonists and have thrived in the oceans of Pern. Even famous characters like Leesa, Menolly, Mirrim or Jaxom are colorless and personality-free here. I really enjoyed the characters in this book and learning more about the dolphins and their relationships with humans. Want to Read saving…. I really This is such a sweet tale in the Pern series. He did a decent job keeping the character’s voices dissimilar enough to know who was talking when.

The Dolphins of Pern – Wikipedia

This book starts around mccadfrey time Aivas has been discovered and tells the story of how dolphins were re- discovered in Pern and how annee human settlements organised themselves to re-introduce the mutual help between dolphins and men.

Alemi is eventually summoned to Landing to recount the adventure, while Readis is left behind as his mother Aramina wants him to avoid the shipfish, partly because she intends him to succeed his father Jayge Lilcamp as Holder of Paradise River Hold, and partly because she fears he will come to harm in the water. Really angry about this! Which is really what I wanted or expected, a book about re-finding the Dolphins of Pern. McCaffrey was obviously shooting for pathos here; unfortunately the effect is ludicrous, especially after mccaffrdy third or fourth adult, and I giggled through it.

The Dolphins of Pern (Pern, #13) by Anne McCaffrey

Meanwhile, a Holder is plotting to settle the Southern Continent against the Weyr-leaders’ advice. It is, however, in the handling of broader themes and the worlds of her imagination, particularly the dlphins series The Ship Who Sang and the fourteen novels about the Dragonriders of Pern that Ms.


And her dolphins are endearing, and considerably less goofy than I expected them to be. She married in and had three children: My one big problem with the book is xolphins it is not mainly about Readis and T’Lion and the Dolphins. These traits were replaced with incredible bitchiness and an unwillingness to entertain other points of view.

Aramina was a character that I never really liked, but one that I felt sorry for. But back to Dolphins. I’ve always enjoyed re-reading this book. For many Turns the mdcaffrey have been left to fend for themselves. One problem stood out: Jan 29, Angie rated it really liked it Shelves: In July I tried unsuccessfully to access this review, I angry-blogged; another long well thought out review, posted ages ago, that Goodreads has deleted while moving the book onto my unread shelf as though it never existed.

When Toric threatens K’van and the dragonriders of Southern WeyrK’van reveals that they have shifted the Weyr to an unoccupied area of the Southern Continent. The first anhe is retelling the wonders of AIVAS and there’s some rewritten scenes from earlier works. T’lion, the young Eastern Weyr dragonrider of Bronze Gadareth, also develops an interest after being involved in an early dolphin encounter.

All the Weyrs of Pern.

Dolphins of Pern

When there, he hears from one of the dolphins that two dolphin calves have been injured. Highly recommended for those who have read any of the Pern novels. I also enjoy Readis as a character. This was such a great addition to the Dragons of Pern series. I am passionate about dolphins and swimming At Paradise River, T’lion attempts to find Readis, but without success.

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