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Visited on 27 March ,. [6]SGAE (): Anuario SGAE de las artes escénicas, musicales y audiovisuales Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE – Sociedad | E-ISSN |. 3/18 that connects the resulting sound production. Likewise, annual frequency has fallen from in to in Figure 2 Source: SGAE As regards Anuario UTECA (pp. ).

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To achieve this goal, a thorough and wide-reaching descriptive work based on data collection is needed, which will ultimately enrich the theoretical underpinnings. Through various studies, the TRACE project has examined the concept of censorship, a broad and complex concept which includes various mechanisms aimed at directing and controlling communication and discourse.

Famous actors and actresses also talked about how good an opportunity this crisis was. Theater versus Video Consumers. Directed by Miguel del Arco. Sage could now be used in fields where it had never before been used, such as public administration, education or television, and this involved the huge task of adapting the language to these new communication needs.

As a result, Basque is in a minority position in areas where either Nauario or French is the dominant language. On top of that, educational background may also be related to demand for quality or level of expectation; those with a lower education level may not be so demanding in terms of quality and are more easily satisfied with any sort of content. Table 1 shows how the main programme types contribute to the viewing figures for each channel: In this respect there is a clear link between ongoing studies into ETB2 and research on Westerns done from censorship archives Camus The study also shows how the amount of dubbing begins to decrease from onwards as in-house productions gain more ground.

Of these, During this period, the state television, TVE, paid virtually no attention to Basque and until no Basque was heard on Spanish television, nor even acknowledgement of its existence. Specific historical events paved the way for the first AVTs into Basque, which, once the censorship of the Franco dictatorship had disappeared and political power was decentralised, began to appear in a wider context of linguistic and anuaruo change. In conclusion, the Spanish film market is still in the throes of the migratory movement from analogue to digital screens.


Switch wnuario classic view. On the contrary, more women prefer to watch films on television, as compared to men These results reveal a situation of partial social bilingualism of a diglossic nature Etxebarria Visited on 2 Decemberhttp: New Technologies and the Transformation of Media Audiences. And it is precisely from the TRACE project on censored translations that research on Basque television was initially planned and is now being carried out.

The Spanish theatre lost almost a million spectators it diminished 5. In consequence, the Basque Government had a monopoly on the use of Basque on television until the appearance of local television stations in the early nineties.

Again, these differences are amuario more noticeable in the case of cinema, video and computers, and more anuafio with regard to television. In fact, very often it is performed for the very sake of attaining power and building a power base. The target population consisted of all the residents in Spain aged 14 or over 40, inhabitants. In this sense, censorship and manipulation should be considered not only in the production of texts but also in their distribution and social propagation.

However, Basque is an official language, jointly with Castilian Spanish, only in Euskadi and certain parts of Navarre. Are the different screens complementary or mutually exclusive? Digitalization has had an impact on movie consumption in Spain. Part of this trend is related to average income, since the people with a higher educational background tend to have better-paid jobs and are wealthier. The Case of Basque Cinema is defined as film-viewing at a movie theatre; DVD refers to the playing of a film from a physical support, whether it be screened on a TV set or on a computer monitor; television denotes contents viewed as part of the scheduled programming of a given channel or network; and the internet relates to audiovisual products accessed on the internet, which for the purposes of this study is also referred to as PC or similar.

The percentage of the population choosing this option to view films increases with age. The crisis in the Spanish theatre was officially declared. For a confidence level of Navegantes en la Red.


Subsequently, inETB established quality standards for the use of Basque in various programming areas. And obviously, we are witness, too, to a proliferation of all kinds of comedy—all unrelated to the crisis: But this magic formula goes directly against a solid foundation of the theatre, and its consequences are absolutely palpable.

Movies are still one of the favourite entertainment products. Nevertheless, computers and other digital devices remain the least preferred screen for movie consumption Although most private theatres, as stated before, prefer to put onstage comedies and musicals that make spectators forget the crisis, there have been two remarkable and successful exceptions.

After three months in Madrid, the play is now on tour, probably because of the necessity to see plays that deal with the crisis, but also because the play is advertised as a sharp satire on our situation and Pablo Carbonell, one of the most well-known Spanish comedians, plays the leading role.

The Budget is the Thing: Spanish Theatre in Recession (Spain)

St Andrews Film Studies. A New Introduction to Mass Communication. It is also remarkable that, although Anaurio was accused of producing plays with such technical requirements that they were difficult to go on tour, these three plays, which in a way deal with the crisis, went on tour around Spain. That is, figures for both spectatorship and box office takings had risen.

Likewise, annual frequency has fallen from 3.

Audiovisual Translation in the Basque Country: – Meta – Érudit

Equally, several articles based on surveys mentioned in the literature review contain research limitations. The fact that demand depends on a single client has obvious risks since all work is subject to the priorities established by the powers that control the state television.

Spanish Theatre in Recession Spain.