In Ashes, by Susan Beth Pfeffer, Ashleigh’s parents have been divorced for the last two years. She loves both of them but has a special soft spot. Places I Never Meant to Be: Original Stories by Censored Writers by Judy Blume – Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer summary and analysis. When people change, they become better as a person or their thinking worsens. In the short story Ashes, Susan Beth Pfeffer shows that it isn’t.

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Meeting the Mugger by Norma Fox Mazer. I think that the father believes the more he makes her feel special, the more she’ll love him and in the end, the more Ashes will be willing to steal for him or do other favors when he needs it.

Ashes By Susan Beth Pfeffer Read Download PDF/Audiobook id:vqm6zys dkel

Spear by Julius Lester. One of the symbols that is introduced in the story is the star necklace. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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It all depends on how courageous Ashes is willing to be. Original Stories by Censored Writers.

Ashleigh enjoys visiting her father every Tuesday that winter, but she knows that he is a dreamer who cannot keep his promises, unlike her mother who is the most practical person she knows. Ashes enjoys the constant compliments and promises from her father and finds her mothers realistic attitude unsatisfying.

If she leaves her mother’s money and leaves her father in debt, she clearly favors her mother. Another instance in the text when her father was shown to be unreliable is when he asks Ashes to take her mother’s money and give the money to him. On the moon we had gold spoons. On the other hand, Ashes’ bethh makes Ashes feel special and wanted.


With Mom, there are a lot of rainy days and she takes a grim sort of pleasure in being ready for them. Throughout the story, it shows how her father is the one who is less reliable and manipulative. After bragging on her intelligence and beauty and claiming she is one in a million, Dad suggests going to a diner to celebrate because he has a chance to make some money if he can get the financing together. Another example is on pg. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

In your second paragraph you should ask yourself “Is this worded correctly and does it make pdeffer Newer Post Older Post Home.

Izel R’s Blog: Symbols Portrayed In Short Story Ashes

From these two quotes I understood that Ashes sees her father as occasional warmth while her mother is her protection from cold. When her father mentions this, she tries to find an alternate way to fix his problem.

Because you simply cannot raise the bh of a child by lying to her. On the contrary, Ashes’ dad claims that he has more to give than her mom. Ashes yearns for a caring, emotional parent, one that will promise her the stars and dreams as her dad does.

With very little communication or interaction, both of Ashes’ parents find ways to fight for her affection. Her father is jokey, and rarely sees Ashes, though her gives her dreams, and promises he can never keep. If she chooses her father then she would be choosing the character that is the root of this ashhes, not resolving the story.


A Personal View by Judy Blume. Her father is unreliable but when he comes through he gives Ashes pleasure, as opposed to his mother who keeps Ashes feeling secure.

Ashes, the main character, is asked by her father to take money from her mother in order to settle his own financial difficulties. They offered me no advice on what I should do. Toward the end of February, Dad finally returns to his apartment where Ashleigh is waiting.

Both of Ashes parents try to make Ashes love them, and want her to understand their point of view. She realizes that not all people can be molded into the people that you wish they were and she sort of loses the hope she had for her father when he mocked her mother and asked her to steal the money.

This is especially true for teenagers, whose feelings about people often cloud our ability to think clearly and critically about their positive and negative attributes. Is she strong enough to go against her father? Lie, No Lie by Chris Lynch.