ASTM D7091 – 12 PDF

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ASTM D7091 – 12 PDF

Background of SSPC PA 2; Overview and Purpose of SSPC-PA 2 (); Purpose of ASTM D ; Definitions; Gage Descriptions; Calibration & Verification. ASTM D focuses on gage use. • SSPC-PA 2 () focuses on acceptability of acquired measurements. • Both address ferrous and non-ferrous metal. This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number immediately following the 1 This practice is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D01 on Paint and . manufacturer’s specifications, n—a statement or set.

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While some gage operators dd7091 simply subtract a fixed amount for example, 0. The total number of spot and area measurements is based on the total square footage of pipe on the cart or rack. August 31, at 6: — one-point or two-point accuracy verification procedure can be performed; typically, the two-point verification provides greater accuracy.

However it will be important to place a measured shim onto ast, prepared, uncoated pipe and adjust the gage to match the shim thickness to remove any effect of the base metal. This process is described later in this article.

This method is used when the largest dimension of the unit is less than 10 feet. So if your reading is within the spec your fine. If spot measurement variances result in area measurements that do not meet the specification, then additional spot measurements are acquired radiating outward in eight directions from the nonconforming area to determine the magnitude of the non-conforming thickness.

Correction for Base Metal Reading if acquired.

Measuring Dry Film Coating Thickness According to SSPC-PA 2KTA University

If there is no place to measure in a given direction, then no measurement in that direction is necessary. A one-year calibration interval is a typical starting point suggested by gage manufacturers.

These gages use electronic circuitry to convert a reference signal into coating thickness and are more popular than Type 1 gages. There are three categories of coated area: Appendix 7 was added to accommodate pipe coaters that need to determine coating thickness conformance on non-flat or non-plate areas, including smaller pipe sections on a cart or rack and longer pipe spools. It is cheaper to have d7019 standards available online than to buy them on paper.

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Verifying accuracy of Type 2 gage using a certified shim. Contained 6 appendices Contains 8 appendices.

Once verification of accuracy and adjustments are made, a minimum of three gage readings are taken within 1. D0791 can gather hundreds of gage readings in a relatively short time; batch the measurements; d709 the data or upload it to a computer for graphing; report the highest, the lowest, the mean, and standard deviation of the collected data; incorporate digital images of the structure or coated area; and even program the gage to produce an audible signal if a spot measurement is outside of the tolerance range.

ASTM D7091:12

Verifying accuracy of Type 2 gage using a certified shim Adjusting Type 2 Gages The final step in the process is to adjust the gage on the surface to which the coating will be applied. Active view current version of standard.

Provisions for measuring on soft or tacky coatings are described in 5. You will have access to the subscription via our webpage standard. If the gage is dropped or suspected of giving erroneous readings during the work shift, its accuracy should be f7091.

The accuracy of Type 2 electronic gages can be verified by placing the gage probe onto a certified coated thickness standard described for Type 1 gages or certified shims Figs. For example, if a gage reading was 5. Adjusting Type 2 gage using a measured shim on the surface to which the coating will be applied This step sounds reasonably straightforward but poses several hidden challenges. Isolation of nonconforming areas required measurement of each square foot area painted during the work shift.

While the gage may be out of tolerance by 0. With this service you are always e7091 to have the latest edition available.

While individual gage readings that are unusually high or low and cannot be repeated consistently can be discarded, there are limitations on the thickness values representing the spot measurements the average of three gage readings. Using the same example, if a two-point verification procedure is adopted, then a two-mil and an eight-mil set of coated standards slightly below and above the intended range of use is appropriate.


Your email address will not be published. This measured distance is displayed as coating thickness by the gages.

This ensures that you are always up-to-date and saves you both time and money. The average of the three acceptable gage readings is the spot measurement; the average of five spot measurements is the area measurement.

These readings represent the effect of the substrate conditions on the coating thickness measurement device. Are you sure you d7019 to empty the cart? If you have a large number of standards, a quantity discount applies, making the service even more desirable for companies.

Inspection Instruments Pipeline Coatings — Volume 2: It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety satm health practices 1 determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. A minimum of three gage readings is obtained in each spot, culminating in a minimum of 15 gage readings within an area.


February 5, at 2: For areas of coating to 1, square feet, three random areas are selected and measured. Start Webshop Product catalog Product presentation.

This article was a very helpful reference for me when I was updating my company coating spec. Pipe sections loaded onto a cart or rack can be considered a complete unit Fig. The correction curve may or may not cover the full range of the gage, but should cover the intended range of use. Verifying accuracy of Type 2 gage on a certified coated standard Fig.

It is important to note that both documents address the measurement of the DFT of coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.