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ATV12HM2 variable speed drive ATV12 – kW – hp . Product end of life instructions. Need no specific recycling operations. The word “drive” as used in this manual refers to the “controller portion” of the Read and understand this manual before installing or operating the Altivar Altivar 12 Variable speed drives for asynchronous motors User Manual The ATV12HM2 VFD by Schneider Electrics is a single phase variable speed.

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Transient overtorque for 60 s 4: Transient overtorque for 2 s 5: The mechanical overspeed capability of the selected motor must be checked with the manufacturer.

Characteristics Main range of product Altivar IP20 without blanking plate on upper part. Adjustable Preset in factory.

ATV12HM2 | Schneider Electric Altivar ATV12 ATV12HM2 | Automation

Electrical between power and control. Internal supply for reference potentiometer 5 V DC 4.


Configurable voltage AI1 LI4 24 V Software-configurable voltage AO1 Linear from 0 to Reference not containing SVHC above the threshold. End of Life Information.

ATV12HM2 | Schneider Electric Altivar ATV12 ATV12HM2 | Inverters

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ATV12 user manual

Connected as Negative Logic Sink with External 24 vdc supply. Torque in overspeed at constant power 2.

The nominal motor frequency and the maximum output frequency can be adjusted from 0. Altivar 12 product or component type Variable speed drive product destination Asynchronous motors product specific application Simple machine assembly style With heat sink component name ATV12 quantity per set Set of 1 EMC filter Integrated built-in fan Without network number of phases 1 phase [Us] rated supply atv12h055j2