View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Audible Design on Discogs. Audible Design: A Plain and Easy Introduction to Sound Composition [Trevor Wishart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. to practical sound composition / by Trevor Wishart Wishart, Trevor Audible design; [Index to] Sound examples; Appendix 2: a diagrammatic guide to sound .

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Treovr all processes described in Audible Design are available on the Sound Loom. We can also move fluidly between these two states by varying the analysis window size through time. More radically, sets of narrow band pass filters can be used to force a complex spectrum onto any desired Hpitch set HArmonic field in the traditional sense.

The following manipulations suggest themselves. Vocoding hence works well on noisy sounds e.

We hear new partials entering while others leave producing “melodies” internal to the source sound. Finally, we can introduce a sense of multiple-sourcedness! We may reinforce the total spectral structure, adding additional partials by spectral shifting the sound without changing its duration Appendix p18 and mixing the shifted spectrum on the original. The book Wisnart Designprovides detailed description of the craft of sound transformation using new software instruments, with non-mathematical explanations and recorded music examples of all processes.

ComiXology Thousands wishagt Digital Comics.

Audible Design, by Trevor Wishart | Sound Design Resource

Think we’ve missed out on something? This leads us into the next area. Again, we have a compositional process which makes perceptible aspects of the signal which were not perceptible. More importantly, the morphology changing shape of the spectrum is already bell-like. Aydible Design by Trevor Wishart. For this reason I refer to these processes as constructive distortion. All you have to do is go to our tracks page, trevpr the ones you want to your shopping cart, and you will be presented with a webpage with links to the tracks as soon as your credit card payment has been authorised.


We reach the area of noise see below. Ultimately we may use a procedure which follows the partials themselves, separating the signal into its component partials partial tracking.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. We hold the frequencies of the partials, allowing their loudnesses to vary as originally. Studios, and then computers, also provided powerful new tools for musicians to work directly with sound.

New from Digital Music Archives – Download a continually expanding catalogue of electroacoustic music tracks! With a 5 or 6 fold repetition therefore, the source sound begins to reveal a lightning fast stream of pitched beads, all of a slightly different spectral quality.

Initially, the sound appears to have an indefinable “aura” around it, akin to phasing, but gradually becomes more and more bell-like. For a vowel to persist, the spectral contour and therefore the position of the peaks and troughs must remain where it is even if the partials themselves move.

This is why we can produce coherent speech while singing or whispering. This technique can be applied to any source, whether it be spectrally pitched harmonicor inharmonic, and gives us a means of passing from articulate noise to articulate not-noise spectra in a seamless fashion. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Such distortion procedures work particularly well with short sounds having distinctive loudness trajectories. Noise with transient pitch content like water falling in a stream rather than dripping, flowing or bubblingmight be pitch-enhanced by spectral tracing see below.


In the book On Sonic ArtTrevor Wishart discussed new musical possibilities offered by these tools, and developed notion of a sophisticated art of sound, or Sonic Art. Again, this may be true with simple sound input but complex sounds are just changed in spectral xudible as a rapidly changing sine-wave is no less perceptually chaotic than a rapidly changing arbitrary wave-shape.

These inharmonic sounds can be transposed and caused to move subtle or complex pitch-gliding just like pitched sounds also see Chapter 5 on Continuation. Compositional techniques are discussed in detail, with applications to radically different kinds of sound material and each is illustrated by appropriate sound examples.

Again, this process introduces a slightly rasping “edge” to the sound quality of the source sound which increases as more “silence” is introduced.

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As mentioned previously, in a complex signal, holding the amplitude data is often more effective in achieving a sense of “freezing” the signal.

Email us at links digital-music-archives. By searching for aaudible zero-crossing pairs: Once we vary the spectrum too quickly, and especially if we do so irregularly, we no longer perceive individual moments or grains with specific spectral qualities.

The more we repeat cesign waveset however, the closer it comes to the grain threshold where we can hear out the implied pitch and the spectral quality implicit in its waveform.