Recently we are now setting up availability monitoring using ccmsping. For this we have to separately register ccmsping are working for us.M. You want to use the availability agent CCMSPING to monitor the availability of systems and instances from the central monitoring system (CEN). You have. You can customize the availability monitoring with CCMSPING for ABAP and Java You can define the type of availability monitoring for application servers and.

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You can use the following monitoring methods to do this:. To do this, proceed as follows: Displaying the Monitoring and System Data. Enter the system name in the Value field. Therefore, proceed as follows:. You can change the monitoring settings for servers and groups on the Configure Availability and Performance Overview by selecting the relevant indicator in the Monitpring Tree Control.

Monitorijg file is used by SAP Logon. If you have selected the component type as Double Stack, enter the following in the Monitored Systems area: We are using hostagent to monitor our satellite systems using solution manager system as CEN.

You can monitor logon groups for their availability. My query is regarding the requirement of ccmsping agent to set up availability monitoring.

Availability monitoring is independent of monitoring of other objects in the Alert Monitor. The entry has the following format: The screen shows monitored and unmonitored systems in two lists, where you can display for the monitoring of the monitoring systems by expanding the subtree for the corresponding system: There are a number ccmspkng possible causes for this problem.


CCMSPING – configurating the Availability Monitoring

In the case of double-stack systems, you can use both the Java and the ABAP message servers for the monitoring, if the availability monitoring is appropriately configured. You can monitor selected systems for their availability. You can combine systems into system groups see System Groups in the Alert Monitorwhere one system can belong to multiple system groups.

Both are avaliability for us. Part of the availability monitoring with CCMSPING is the monitoring of availabklity where the monitored instances are running, to help identify the cause of the error if interruptions occur in the availability.

In Topology area choose System Overview. In this way, you availabilitt, for example, organize systems into system groups by their function development, quality assurance, productiontheir release status, or their geographic location. You have activated the logon check but either the corresponding subtree is not created, or the reported values become obsolete.

Availability Monitoring with CCMSPING

In Monitored Systems Area, choose Monitoring. Log on to the central ABAP system.

Search for the Availability context. The settings for the monitoring options for application servers and logon groups for the monitored systems are displayed. To check this, proceed as follows:. The availability agent also waits for a short time timeout in case a system or an application server is temporarily unavailable.


You can check the availability of application servers using an RFC call directly to the server. You can use the following monitoring methods to do this: Analysis System Is Not Contained in the List If you cannot find the system to be monitored on the availability monitoring configuration interface, proceed as follows: In the Monitoring Options for Application Servers area: If the incorrect display is not due to a space problem, check the connection data for the affected system in the configuration of the CCMSPING availability monitoring.

Log on to the central the ABAP system.

With this function, you can monitor whether remote systems and their instances are available for work from the NetWeaver Administrator avilability your central monitoring system CEN. If the logon check and the availability monitoring of logon groups are not being provided with data for any monitored ABAP systems, this is usually because the corresponding data collection method is not executed. Therefore, proceed as follows: Hi Experts We are using hostagent to monitor our satellite availabjlity using solution manager system as CEN.