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An Introduction to Persian Poetry I. Rubaiyyat of Baba Taher “Oryan” By: M. S. Tajar, Ph. D. Ed. D. Former Lecturer, University of the Philippines “The aesthetic. From The Quatrains of Baba Tahir Oryan of Hamadan (Persian Mystic). I am that ocean now in foam and tide; I am that sun, but now in rays abide. I move and. Baba Tahir Oryan. Baba Tahir Oryan’s mysticism, philosophy, and sentiments are reflected in his Rubaiyyat. Oryan, born in Hamadan, Iran, in the early eleventh.

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For example, the late Dr. Iqbal, why his poems were mostly in Persian, rather than in his own native language, he replied: Sultan Salim Othmani 4.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Maybe it’s your heart, My sweet darling, And your understanding, That’s really at fault! Ali Mahmoodi 17th Century A.

In fact, as we have seen before, the greatest poet of the 20th century India, who later on after the partition of India and Pakistan in was declared as the national poet of Pakistan, and “the Poet of the East” is Dr.

Meanwhile, the Romanticism and the drama in the ortan of Nizami — A. And how could those magic palaces exist within the Bedouin tents? Truly he was something to everyone!

Lee She-wan, and his sister 5. Sometimes you wonder how does a desert breed horses?


Another great foreign scholar, but this time, a Roman, the well-known Italian Orientalist, Juan Bautista Reymondi, says: Ali Koofi 17th Century A. TAGS baba taher oryan baba tahir dervish do-baytis dobaytis medieval tauer. Daniel Ladinsky, “was the greatest poet who walked this earth” and was “adored and idolized” by G. Baba Tahir is known as one of the most revered early poets in Persian literature.

BĀBĀ ṬĀHER ʿORYĀN – Encyclopaedia Iranica

Not even Arabic, with its eloquent poetry, has such a rich repertory of Divans, as Persian. Sultan Solaiman Qanuni 3. The structure consists of twelve external pillars surrounding a central tower. Retrieved from ” https: An Introduction to Persian Poetry I.

He was a Persian Sufi living in the Eastern part of the ancient Rome — today’s Turkey once said and his poem is also in Persian, I might add! Remember me on this computer.

It is indeed a great honor to present, very humbly, our little services, to one of those great masters of the world poetry, who expressed his thoughts in the Persian language, with this new translation of the Rubaiyyat of Baba Taher.

Laa-mei Gorgani 18th Century A. Partner in my life, with no plans to depart! Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Saraji Khorassani 17th Century A. He is the humble, self-effacing wandering dervish, pouring out with earnestness and passion his love of God, whom he sees everywhere around him.

Naim Frasheri the national poet of Albania, and his brother Shamsud- Din Saami and many other Albanian poets have composed a big part of their own poems in a foreign language, i. Fazli Bokharayi 17th Century A. And his prose is so sweet and so melodious, that they sound like a poem!


Once, this blessed Ghaleb of Delhi announced: Mohammad Kateb Balkhi 17th Century A. How is it being said In other words, poetry, just like the prose or even more than the prose consists of two very essential parts, i. Short dialect verses of the kind attributed to him have been composed by a number of well-known poets and many lesser ones. At one time, Persian was a common cultural language of much of the non-Arabic Islamic world.

Iqbal, “Persian Letters” p. Zoroaster composed the Gathas or the religious hymns, while Maani came up with “Artang” or “Arzhang” and “Shapur-gaan. Or they don’t have the talent of making good poems, and they use the argument to justify their own inabilities! With this new translation into English and Filipino, we hope that his great wisdom, spirituality and sweet style of poetry, will be appreciated by all those who love poetry and the art of human expressions, in any language.

I found it quite interesting! What Makes Persian Poetry so Alluring?

Minorsky, in EI 2 I, pp.