1 THE BOOK OF THE COURTIER BY COUNT BALDESAR CASTIGLIONE () TRANSLATED FROM THE ITALIAN BY LEONARD ECKSTEIN OPDYCKE. An insider’s view of court life and culture during the Renaissance, ‘The Book of the Courtier’ is the handiwork of a diplomat who was called upon to resolve the. LibraryThing Review. User Review – asukamaxwell – LibraryThing. This ” entertaining comedy of manners” might read like it’s entirely fiction, but in fact took place.

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The Book of the Courtier

If it were written today, it would be a group of CEOs discussing around the fireside at Davos. How, ideally, he should be noble birth; others dispute that many marvelous courtiers have risen from humble stations, but the original speaker maintains that since they are of course discussing the ideal, noble birth will help him in many respects.

Benediction Classics July xastiglione, Language: Dec 31, Marie rated it it was ok Shelves: The book is organized as a series of fictional conversations that occur between the courtiers of the Duke of Urbino in when Castiglione was in fact part of the Duke’s Court. But it was in Italy, Urbino in northern Italy to be exact, in the s. Castiglione’s narrative power and psychological perception make this guide both an entertaining comedy of manners and a revealing window onto bladassare ideals and preoccupations of the Italian Renaissance at the moment of its greatest splendour.

May 13, Sean Muhlstein rated it really liked it Recommends it for: It takes the form of a Renaissance dialogue, a literary form that incorporated elements of drama, conversation, castiglionr, and essay.

To have complete access to the thousands of philosophy articles on this site, please. The last part of this edition briefly debates courtker best form of government and then coyrtier one participant the floor for castiylione extensive speech on the most fundamental quality of a courtier: The listeners retort that this role would require a courtier too old and experienced to carry out the other courtier duties of dandy, soldier and lover, lest he subject himself to ridicule.


This form of emphasis on language is noted by Graham as; “Although the Count is aware that more traditional aspects of the orator appearance, gestures, voice, etc. However, the attentive reader senses the peculiarly Italian atmosphere that envelops the four main participants in the dialogue as they avoid talking of the political realities that had prompted Machiavelli to write The Prince just a few years before. His experiences among the ruling parties of his day influenced the ideas and the spirit baldasszre the work.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. The other main interest for me was the way the book echoed places I visited on my Italian trip. Dec 01, Omri rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is surprising and entirely charming. The known issue in Don Quixote, is a central part here, but of course, the Knight’s discourse is much more elaborated and convincent. Books by Baldassare Castiglione. Federico responds to the Count’s assessment of the use of spoken language by posing the question as to what is the best language in which to write rhetoric.

Quotes from The Book of the C All of these are explained through clever dialogue that invokes a sense of the 15th century and their appreciation of the classics. The setting is a series of discussions among great men of the Court at Urbino. I kept feeling the presence of the hostess Eli Kalliope wrote: The bookmark I mentioned at the beginning was a leaflet I picked up when I visited the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche which is located in the Ducal Palace in Urbino where the conversations in this book took place.

In the Book of the Courtisan Castiglionne explains that the art of being a successful advisor to a political leader is a skill that must be learned and the correct methods be always be applied. I was actually surprised when I was reading this, of how deep Castiglione was. To be fair, the book is clear an effort to provided an informed philosophically-based discussion of how “perfect” courtiers should behave. Journal of Aesthetic Education.


One evening the game is for the gentlemen to describ An urbane casriglione searching discussion of many of the Great Ideas, all by way of presenting the qualities of the ideal courtier and the ideal lady-in-waiting. The fourth book is odd and it originally seemed a bit out baldaesare place until you realize that it is not sufficient to just describe the qualities of the perfect courtier, but you also have to discuss what he is boook to be doing – or his “final cause”.

The Count contends that if the courtier wants to attain grazia and be esteemed excellent, it would be in his best interest to have this appearance of nonchalance. However, reading Castiglionne is vital to understanding the culture at Royal Courts during the renaissance.

Is there anyone’s advice?

The Book of the Courtier Italian: As an aspiring courtier myself, I found this guide gave me valuable lessons on my deportment. The book goes on about how to treat women and women must be elegant and graceful as well I read it a few months ago, since I was learning about the Renaissance at that time.

Sometimes, like this book mantains, disciples are even better than the master because their influences come more from their own good intellect and judgement.

The Book of the Courtier – conte Baldassarre Castiglione – Google Books

Well, okay, maybe why terrible people would. Jan 17, Alex rated it liked it. The Book of the Courtier was one of the most widely distributed books of the 16th century, with editions printed in six languages and in twenty European centers.