Jan 11, As for Mortimer, he too is trying, albeit for more humanist reasons, to revive certain aspects of Septimus’s work – to Blake’s extreme concern. May 19, It’s been several months since the events of The Yellow M, but the evil of Professor Septimus still echoes around London. Important figures of. Les aventures de Blake et Mortimer d’aprés les personnages d’ Edgar P. Jacobs: Dufaux, Aubin, Schréder – Tome 22 – L’Onde Septimus by ftabarrini in blake.

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L’Onde Septimus

In the street, Blake and Mortimer are victims of attempted murder by a car driver whose lifeless body was septimuz surrounded by arcs before catching fire. The Chamber of Horus.

There he comes across an impressive laboratory where he sees none other than Septimus questioning the Yellow “M” over his recent failures regarding Blake and Mortimer—which he is unable to explain. But what is really deplorable, incomprehensible, sad, is the script.

Therefore, the expectations couldn’t be higher, and the extracts revealed by Dargaud confirmed that this adventure would be a real treasure in every aspect. Apart from feeling somewhat sseptimus with the details of the mcguffin, this London-based adventure was an enjoyable, if workmanlike, addition to the series – not terrible, but not of the best. For example, the follow-up to The Septimus Wave which I have but haven’t started yet is a prequel to the very first Blake and Mkrtimer volumes.


The Yellow “M” – Wikipedia

Jacobs was present at the screening of this trial and Van Hamme, who was also there, tells of his enthusiasm for the project. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

For me, pacing was more of an issue, especially in the middle during the hospital bit, and the villains were a little weak. In spite of the judge’s objections, Kendall insists on staying the night at the Calvin residence as a precaution.

On the way Septimus feels uneasy and calls a taxi, leaving Vernay alone. Following dinner the group breaks up with Vernay and Septimus electing to walk home. How did they come together? Rita rated it liked it May 17, There he puts on a show of Macomber, Vernay and Calvin, their minds under his control, falling on their knees and “begging” forgiveness for their attacks on him and his theories.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Oath of the Five Lords. They discover a huge unknown craft resembling a spaceship. The inevitable appearance of the ubiquitous Colonel Olrik is actually a welcome relief, and he, if nobody else, feels a little more three-dimensional than usual. You might also like: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Superlayo rated it liked it Jan 09, Retrieved from ” https: Blanks told them he sent two of his men to abandoned hangars King’s Cross to find a mysterious machine.

I wonder what would Edgar P. The book includes a dedication and they recognise Septimus’ handwriting.

The Septimus Wave – Wikipedia

Blake and Mortimer by Edgar P. Colonel Blake joined and enjoined from, then, managing to resist the orders of the mysterious diver triggers the explosion. Was it Septimus or the pilot? This Franco-Belgian comics —related article is a stub.


At 10 Downing StreetPrime Minister tells Captain Blake that the mysterious nortimer, Orpheus, was discovered moortimer Major Blanks team during the last war and that its existence is kept secret in order to be studied by scientists.

This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat Alvaro rated it really liked it Dec 27, Realising that septimks is the mastermind behind the Yellow “M”, they lead a raid on his house. But it has jortimer out to be just the opposite. Le varie incongruenze e mancanze vengono “rattoppate” alla meno peggio con la storia del view spoiler [presunto alieno hide spoiler ] Punti a sfavore dell’edizione: But still it delivered on the weird factor, had some fun action sequences, and the artwork was by and large top notch, especially whenever it went into the surreal with the Septimus ghost.

Jean Dufaux is a Belgian comic book writer. The first 30 pages are just amazing, with an interesting script and a brilliant drawing. These aspects aren’t fleshed out. Filipi Portinori rated it it was amazing Jun 08,