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Bloodfever: Fever Series Book 2 [Karen Marie Moning] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER I used to be. Editorial Reviews. Review. A Q&A with Karen Marie Moning. What inspired you to Bloodfever: Fever Series Book 2 by [Moning, Karen Marie]. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER I used to be your average, everyday girl but all that changed one night in Dublin when I saw my first Fae, and got dragged into.

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Judge him by them. Don’t tell me you’ve changed when you haven’t. They are vast and questionable, morally.

Jericho is slowly but surely climbing up the list of my favorite fictional hunks, but he’d better stop roughing up Mac if he ever wants to get to the top of it, because I don’t care for this kind bloodgever thing.

Is it so hard for you to have an ounce of fucking compassion? Probably a little of all three. That felt like a cheap trick to me. MAC I would wear pink because I knew my future was anything but rosy. I find him to be the most interesting character in the whole series. Mac bloodfeber becoming more independent and grown up wh Ok ok… I’m starting to get it. Now I’m freaked out.


At the beginning of the book, we join Mac just after she finds out that she was adopted. New thoughts bloodfeveer reread: A dream of four distinct, subtly varied tastes…I tasted one of the vile ones now…regret.

Romance is terribly overrated. We drank Coronas in the sun. I might have been suffering a dearth of hope but I had a few things left: This one ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I think I have to go now She has sass and exactly the right attitude towards life. I’ve been listening to the audio CD’s to and from work.

Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning | : Books

It would be funny once but I think the novelty would wear off extremely quickly. And sometimes, he let himself go nloodfever say things like this: Not to mention, he likes to chain up women while they are wearing skimpy bikinis. They’re both insanely gorgeous, immortal, want a lowly human woman who has unique powers, and view humans as tools to further their goals. There are so many questions about this guy that it’s almost a torture. As to what Barrons may or may not be: What does he want with the book?

Is it possible that all of the hype surrounding this series and the recent release of Shadowfever has soured my experience?


Proudly and unbiasedly, she chooses her own bloodfeer purpose, and I have to applaud her for that. Moning really writes the sexual tension part very well. In her fight to stay alive, MacKayla must find the Sinsar Blooffever million-year-old book of the blackest magic imaginable, which holds the key to power over the worlds of both the Fae and Man.


Yeah, I’m going crazy and I tried to warn you. Books are doors to endless adventure. Faefever is the same narrator, Joyce Bean, and I love it already. It actually shows how well planned this whole series had been.

And as if we didn’t have enough questions, the bloodfefer too is a cliffhanger! We weren’t on the best of terms at first. This book did start slowly because it contains a whole lot of filler for what is to come, and it’s not the greatest series that ever lived I like how she herself knows there are “two” Macs and she refers to them both.

There’s the next one sitting on my shelf!! Barrons remains secrative, dark, and absurdly sexy The writing is, as always, stylish and immersive.