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A lot of people ware waiting for the new book of Borodin, “Final Curtain”, translated into English, especially after reading his book “Sheherazad”. In this book, for the first time, Borodin reveals parts of his performing FINAL CURTAIN is a chamber of mental treasures that will be difficult to put down, once . Beinhaltet die deutsche Version von Final Curtain und noch viel mehr. Borodin and I decided that we wanted to preserve the format of Sheherazade in the.

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Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. It finxl a book that will drive you to a new level of desire to elevate magical moods during your own performances and maybe dare you to apply ideas designed to create strong dramatic tension in a bizzare way.

Feel free to contact us. After all the hype I purchased this book and greatly disappointed.

I’d better get posting! I don’t see this book as a word for word field manual The 24 routines from the original German work are contained here, as well as an additional 12 new routines that were prepared especially for the English edition.

If you have some recent magazines, you can construct “The Game of Fate” for practically nothing. I’m not a Bizarrist in the strict definition This coming from a man who cooks shrunken heads and chupacabras for a living. Most of the effects require some kind of specialised prop but hey, it just wouldn’t be possible for Borodin to present his material so dramatically if this wasn’t the case.


I’ve had the advantage of actually seeing some of these props — sometimes in the developmental stages, sometimes in actual performance.

I receive my book this morning and couldn’t resist to read it from cover to cover. I’m not a Bizarrist in the strict definition. I’ll let others judge the book and contents. Little Door by R. It’s not my kind of story.

Final Curtain by Borodin

With the help of the performer, his ghost is summoned in a wooden box,and he proves his existence by showing some of his old habits. I just got the call from the trucking company this afternoon.

He shows you stuff from how to animate a dead dove, to book tests, kurotsuke, some spirit mentalism. I have all 3 of the books you mention curtajn they will most likely be in my possession when I die. Borodin has a style so unique and special as evidenced by boeodin stories and happenings that it is truly inspiring to experience the magic even in book form.

Especially those that tend to go overboard in the darkness dept. On the other hand, the “Swan Lake” Schwanensee would require quite an accomplished do-it-yourselfer and a taxidermist to construct.

I really enjoy seeing the thinking of Borodin as it generates new thinking on my part and reinforces that I am not alone in my madness.

So it’s not all about expense. Mar 8, Learning from a master storyteller and entertainer such as this is truly a pleasure and I only wish I had ties with the same kind of prop-builders as Borodin uses!


Some are very spooky, others humorous, still others, spiritually uplifting. A large section on stage shows. One thing that I want to criticise is the old-fashioned language. We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic.

There are twelve additional routines in the English version. But you will see that these devices are not easy to produce if you want to perform these miracles.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Final Curtain Book by Borodin

Here are some of them: Must require electronic knowledge – cyrtain not give any diagrams or construction details.

And now is the right time. Some of them require the help of assistants. So, with this book, sit back and relax. Final Curtain will show you they way. The End by Rick. You will find a great mix of effects and will learn much from reading them Hey, if its by Borodin – its gonna be great! Using the story element in Mentalism really interests me.

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For as long as space exists, And living beings remain in cyclic existence, For that long, may I too remain, to dispel the sufferings of the world. The book should be delivered tomorrow afternoon. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash.