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In his speech, Rizal stresses the reason of their gathering – which is to indicate an achievement which enlightened what really is a dark society. The speech was Rizal’s toast to the triumph of Juan Luna’s Spolarium and Felix Hidalgo’s Las Virgenes Cristianas Expuestas al populacho in their work of arts. Homage to Luna and Hidalgo By: Jose Rizal Lustañas — Magbag — 2-ELS.

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Luna and Hidalgo belong to you as much as to us. You have unanimously responded, you have cooperated, and you would have done more, had more been asked.

Beth, by depicting from their palettes the dazzling rays of the tropical sun, transform them into rays of unfading glory with which they invest the fatherland. It is imposible not to show what one feels; it is impossible to be one thing and to do another.

Upon taking the floor I am untroubled by the thought that you might listen to me indifference, because you are here to join your enthusiasm to ours, which is fired by our youth, a you cannot help but be indulgent.

Luna and Hidalgo are as much Spanish glories as they are Filipino.

Jose Rizal’s Homage to Luna and Hidalgo

So in Hidalgo we find all is light, color, harmony, feeling, clearness; like the Philippines on moonlit nights, with her horizons that invite to meditation and suggest infinity. The air is full of jpse good feeling; currents of brotherho fly in every direction; generous souls are listening and, therefore, I do not fear for my humble pe nor doubt your benevolence. If you need this brkndis any other sample, we can send it to you via email. The spirit of that extravagance informed the claim, the first brinndis a very long series of repeats: He also gives praise to Hidalgo for illuminating the different ends bh the globe and how high a respect he has for them.

Warm applause, congratulations to the speaker. To get josee unique essay Hire Writer. The same na that births such phenomena also intervenes in those brushstrokes. If the mother teaches her child her language in order that she may understand his joys, his necessities, or his sorrows, Spain, as mother, teaches also her language to the Philippines in spite of the opposition of those myopic men and pygmies, who, desiring to insure the present, do not see the future, do not weigh the consequences—sickly wet nurses, corrupt and corrupters, who tend to extinguish all legitimate feeling, who, perverting the hearts of the people, sow in them the germs of discord in order to reap later the fruit, the bane, the death of future irzal.

And all of us proudly look on your brindsi, and we see ourselves as the flame, the breath, and the basic material. The patriarchal era of the Philippines is passing; the illustrious deeds of her sons are no longer wasted away at home; the oriental chrysalis is leaving the cocoon; the dawn of a long day ahead is heralded in brilliant shades and rose-colored dawns; and that ethnic race, fallen josee lethargy during the historic night while the sun shone on other continents, again awakens, moved by the electric impact produced by contact with the people of the West, and begs for light, life and the civilization that once might have been its heritage, thus conforming to the eternal laws of constant evolution, transformation, recurring phenomenon and progress.


To you is due the beauty of the gems that circle the Philippines’ crown; she supplied the stones, Europe the polish.

It is impossible not to reflect what is felt in oneself, brindiw is impossible to be one thing and to do another; the contradictions are only apparent, they are only paradoxes.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Let us not invoke their sad remembrance; let us not drag their ghastliness into the midst of our rejoicing! Sympathetic currents pervade the air, bonds of fellowship radiate in jsoe directions, generous souls listen, and so I do not fear for my humble personality, nor do I doubt your kindness. We all contemplate proudly: No one has the right to judge or put down a person because anyone can be great. If the mother teaches her child her language in order to understand its joys, its needs, and its woes; so Spain, like that mother, also teaches her language to Filipinos, in spite of the opposition of those purblind pygmies who, sure of the present, are unable to extend their vision into the future, who do not weigh the consequences.

Master’s or higher degree. I drink to the health of the Filipino youth, sacred hope of my homeland, that they may imitate such precious examples so that Mother Spain, solicitous and heedful of the welfare of her provinces, may implement soon the reforms she has contemplated for a long time!

But the Philippines’ gratitude toward her illustrious sons was yet unsatisfied; and desiring to give free rein to the thoughts that seethe her mind, to the feelings that overflow her heart, and to the words that escape from her lips, we have all come together here at this banquet to mingle our vows, to give shape to that mutual understanding between two races which love and care for each other, united morally, socially and politically for the space of four centuries, so that brrindis may form in the future a single nation in spirit, in duties, in aims, in rights.

rbindis How about make it original? The Filipino youth in Europe, ever enthusiastic, and others whose hearts always remain young for the disinterestedness and enthusiasm that characterize their actions, offer to Luna a crown, a modest gift, small indeed for our enthusiasm, but the most spontaneous and the most voluntary of all the gifts hitherto presented to him.

How to Write a Brijdis of an Article? We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: I drink to the persons who have given them aid on the painful road of art! In contrast, in Hidalgo’s paint beats the purest sentiment,3 the ideal expression of mournfulness, beauty and vulnerability, the victims of brute force, rizzal it is because Hidalgo was born beneath the brilliant azure of that sky, lullaby of its sea breezes, amid the serenity of its lakes, the poetry of its valleys and the majestic harmony of its hills and mountains.


Brindis Speech of Jose Rizal – PDF Free Download

Remember me Iose password? In speaking before you I do not kose that you may listen to me with boredom, for you have come to share our enthusiasm with yours, that stimulus of youth, therefore you cannot help but be indulgent.

He also said that Spain and Philippines are equal, no greater nor slaves. Click to learn more https: You survey the whole field, you weigh the cause and extend your hand to whomsoever like myself, desires to unite with you in a single thought, in a sole aspiration: Seated at our festal board and honoring the illustrious sons of the Philippines, you also honor Spain, because, as you are well aware, Spain’s boundaries are not the Atlantic or the Bay of Biscay or the Mediterranean-a shame would it be for water to place btindis barrier to her greatness, her thought.

But in the Brindis Speech, Rizal fearlessly exclaims the reason why they are gathered and that is to signify an achievement that had shed light into what has turned out to be a dark society as the painting itself portrays. Rkzal custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now.

Brindis Speech

Happily, brothers are more—generosity and nobility are rzial under the sky of Spain; of this you are all patent proof. But most of all you will notice that he gives praise to the youth that fires much enthusiasm and brindos their actions have made a great difference and contributed to glory that is the Philippines. Sympathetic currents pervade the air, bonds of fellowship radiate in all directions, kind souls listen and, therefore, I do not fear for my humble person, nor do I doubt your kindness.

You have unanimously responded, you have cooperated, and you would have done more had more been asked. Jose Rizal’s Brindis Speech: East and West Spain and the Philippines. It details his birth, childhood and early influences in life. He clearly held faith in evolution and progress, and had an ecstatic response to the idea of genius.

The speech is quoted in full in this volume, for recall as a whole rather than in part. We will write a custom essay sample on.