The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Camino oculto a Darjeeling by Deanna Raybourn at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Dark Road to Darjeeling has ratings and reviews. “Camino oculto a Darjeeling” empieza nueve meses más tarde que donde terminó “Tiempo de. Editions for Dark Road to Darjeeling: (Paperback published in ), (Kindle Edition published in ) Camino oculto a Darjeeling (Paperback).

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And I do mean that smile never left my face. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Raybourn’s characters have never failed to entrance me with darjdeling sharpness – I can easily imagine any of them alive and wandering around, sticking their noses in other people’s business – and that remains to be true in Dark Road to Darjeeling.

That kind of bothered me throughout the book.

With each consecutive volume, Ms Raybourn’s Lady Julia Grey darejeling seemed to be slipping into uninspired, repetitive mediocrity—such a pity after the literary bravura of Silent in the Grave.

This book takes them to India where a friend of julia’s sister Portia drags Julia and their brother plum to help. And dramatic family things happen, too!!

I was getting a little bored with England and India fixed that for me. It was engaging and I loved the twists in the murder mystery and the uncertainty of who the killer might be based on everyone having motive, including a close family friend. Still, the mystery is always secondary to me, as I am such a fan of both of these characters. Starting with the new cover image and title format and extending even to the landscape – no longer in traditional England but India.

If I could ever become a fictional character, I would want be Lady Julia. I have to admit, the conflict between the two main characters, now that they’re hitched, wasn’t as exciting as before, but still it was super enjoyable because Julia and Brisbane are flawed and unique characters. Also, I did read this one straight after the three previous books, and often reading a series in bulk can be a bit like eating too many champagne truffles – fabulous but a bit nauseating.

You may only comment on the blog if you are signed in. Nov 06, Lynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 9 comments.


I did find there was something off about the whole roundabout argument that Julia and Brisbane had for the entirety of this book. The same goes for Julia…. And this means that they must learn to work with each other. But Father settled on this fellow from the Hebrides, Auld Lachy. He’ll be a laughingstock! Many significant events happened with secondary characters, such as Jane, Portia and Plum and many new characters were introduced.

It starts blithely enough, but the ending is really quite emotional. I totally did not guess the mystery murderer and while without the wonderful tension of ‘will they? It follows the same formula as the three previous books, more-or-less, but it just seems to result in a great story. I ignored my husband who was having a difficult time controlling his mirth and turned again to my sister. I finished the wonderful Silent on the Moor last year and knew it would be a long, cold wait for the next book in the Lady Julia Grey series.

Julia’s husband, Brisbane, seemed a bit too stuffy for me. I had listened to their quarrels since they had run me to ground in Egypt, and I was heartily sick of them both. I must comment that while I am not a tea aficionado, I have been to Darjeeling and I truly enjoyed my tea sipping experiences there.


All their bickering becomes really annoying, especially since they never resolve anything. In addition, most of the twists and turns of the storyline are darjeelnig and there are few clues to the eventual explanation of events.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Invece i due sono strappati alla loro lunghissima luna di miele nel Mediterraneo per soccorrere Portia e l’amata Jane. And the tension darjeelung conflict engenders threads its thorny way throughout the bulk of the tale.

And you will not make the journey alone. There was a mystery to solve, and Julia continuously met new characters who would give her another small clue to the puzzle.

Possibly the best entry in darjeelint series. Let me simply say that it is magnificent. Deanna Raybourn’s writing is both spare and highly evocative, which is a skill many writers darjeeoing kill for.


So, armed with an e-reader and plenty of chocolate, I boarded the plane and settled in for a cozy ride. You have been behaving like children, the pair of you, and I have had my fill of it. To begin with, the pacing is even slower than that of the previous installments and the question of whether there has even been a murder remains open for much of the book.

The History of Darieeling was most fascinating, and I loved the course, but truly this is not a country I have any desire to travel to.

Brisbane, unsurprisingly, disagrees vehemently. Aug 14, Angelc rated it liked it. Lady julia Grey, who likes to dabble in mysteries after her first husband is murdered is a delightful and not tpical Victorian woman.

She graduated with a double major in English and history from the University of Texas at San Antonio. The ending is a complete shocker and left me wanting more, so this series is still one of my favourites and I look forward to the next book. Along with Julia, I was alternately enchanted and frightened by the lush location and fooled as to the true identities and motives of those around her.

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Not necessarily in a bad way. At the end I still felt like things were at a stalemate between the two so I darjweling looking forward to the next book to see if things resolve or improve. Nearing the end of their wedding trip in the Mediterranean, Julia and Nicholas Brisbane unexpectedly meet up with Julia’s sister Portia and her brother Plum. He has engaged a hermit. At this point I gave up.

Also, as a fan of Somerset Maugham’s shorts and essays, this book was a great treat – we meet some of those types here, but the perspective is slightly different and more intense, as things all unfold in ocuulto small contained area over a longer work.