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Avant d’analyser Fides et ratio, l’A. reprend les réflexions récentes sur la théologie fondamentale effectuées à Comentarios a la carta encíclica “Fides et ratio”. Sorry, this document isn’t available for viewing at this time. In the meantime, you can download the document by clicking the ‘Download’ button above. Results 61 – 90 of Carta encíclica Fides et Ratio, sobre las relaciones entre fe y razón by Juan Pablo II – José A. Martínez Puche (Ed.) and a great selection.

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At the same time, the Church considers philosophy an indispensable help for a deeper understanding of faith and for communicating the truth of the Gospel to those who do not yet know it. Although he made much of the supernatural character of faith, the Angelic Doctor did not overlook the importance of its reasonableness; indeed he was able to plumb the depths and explain the meaning of this reasonableness. At this point the relationship between freedom and truth is complete, and we understand the full meaning of the Lord’s words: The Academy with the Church?

Although seriously handicapped by the inherent weakness of human reason, this aspiration should be supported and strengthened.

It is true that Jesus, with his entire life, revealed the countenance of the Father, for he came to teach the secret things of God. The Apostle accentuates a truth which the Church has always treasured: My revered Predecessor Pope Pius XII warned against such neglect of the philosophical tradition and against abandonment of the traditional terminology.

L’enciclica che immette nel terzo millennio.

Enciclica fides et ratio

But the sum of the results achieved confirms that in principle the human being can arrive at the truth. Having recalled that the word of God is present in enciclicz Scripture and Tradition, 73 the Constitution Dei Verbum continues emphatically: They are born into a family and in a family they grow, eventually entering society through their activity.


I cannot fail to note, especially in the context fives this Encyclical Letter, that one chapter of the Constitution Gaudium et Spes amounts to a virtual compendium of the biblical anthropology from which philosophy too can draw inspiration.

Here we see not only the border between reason and faith, but also rario space where the two may meet. The Council began with the basic criterion, presupposed by Revelation itself, of the natural knowability of the existence of God, the beginning and end of all things, fidew and concluded with the solemn assertion quoted earlier: Revelation endows these truths with their fullest meaning, directing them towards the richness of the revealed mystery in which they find their ultimate purpose.

It is this that Saint Augustine teaches when he writes: No keywords specified fix it.

All men and women were caught up in this primal disobedience, which so wounded reason that from then on its path to full truth would enciclca strewn with obstacles. The Psalmist adds one final piece to this mosaic when he says in prayer: What is there after this life?

A philosophy which did not proceed in the light of reason according to its own principles and methods would serve little purpose. I judge it necessary to do so because, at the present time in particular, the search for ultimate truth seems often to be neglected.

Another of the many consequences of this separation was an ever deeper mistrust with regard to reason itself. It might be objected that the theologian should nowadays rely less on philosophy than on the help of other kinds of human knowledge, such as rtio and above all the sciences, the extraordinary advances of which in recent times stir such admiration.

Precisely because it is shared in some measure by all, this knowledge should serve as a kind of reference-point for the different philosophical schools. If I try to count them, they are more than catra sand.

Enciclica fides et ratio download

Reason cannot eliminate the mystery of love which the Cross represents, while ratii Cross can give to reason the ultimate answer which it seeks. With its enduring appeal to the search for truth, philosophy has the great responsibility of forming thought and culture; and now it must strive resolutely to recover its original vocation.


It is faith which stirs reason to move beyond all isolation and willingly to run risks so that it may attain whatever is beautiful, good and true.

This is the mode of truth proper to everyday life and to scientific research.

La Encíclica Fides et ratio y la Teología Fundamental: hacia una propuesta

Contemplating Jesus as revealer, the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council stressed the salvific character of God’s Revelation in history, describing it in these terms: For them, the first and most urgent task was the proclamation of the Risen Christ by way of a personal encounter which would bring the listener to conversion of heart and the request for Baptism.

Who, for instance, could assess critically the countless scientific findings upon which modern life is based?

It is the Church’s duty to indicate the elements in a philosophical system which are ratik with her own faith. At the deepest level, the autonomy which philosophy enjoys is rooted in the fact that reason is by its nature oriented to truth and is equipped moreover with the means necessary to arrive at truth.

Finally, there are religious truths which are to some degree grounded in philosophy, and which we find in the answers which the different religious traditions offer to the ultimate questions. To everything they do, they bring something which sets them apart from raio rest of creation: