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This Ordinance applies to residences within the city of Chicago only. Please see the Exceptions to the RLTO to ensure the law applies to you. For tenants in. The Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO) is the preeminent source of tenants’ rights law for those that live in the City of Chicago. To download a full copy. Most residential tenants in Chicago are protected by the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (“RLTO”), which grants many rights and remedies to .

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Before correcting a condition affecting facilities shared by more than one dwelling unit, the tenant shall notify all other affected tenants and shall cause the work to be done so as to create the least practical inconvenience to the glto tenants. Withhold a portion of rent that reasonably reflects the reduced value, if the condition chicayo not remedied within 24 hours after notification, so long as the problem is not caused by the inability of the utility company to provide service; or Terminate the rental agreement if the defect lasts longer than 72 hours after notice and so long as the failure is not caused by the inability of the utility provider to provide service.

Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (RLTO) | Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing

Click here to request a referral. Basically a friend and I were walking down a street in downtown Chicago when a Porsche ran the light, a Range Rover went on his green light, and they struck each other in the intersection, then heading for us – where we were on foot.

Freedom from retaliation A landlord cannot retaliate against a tenant except for violation of the lease or violation of a law or ordinance. If the landlord does not properly maintain the premises, the tenant is afforded numerous remedies. Failure to maintain elevators in compliance with applicable provisions of the municipal code.

If the rental agreement is terminated under this subsection gthe landlord shall return all security and all prepaid rent in accordance with Section d.

To vacate an apartment if there is fire or casualty damage If an apartment is damaged or destroyed due to a fire or other casualty causing it to violate the rental agreement or ordinances, the tenant may: The RLTO protects the rights of most residential tenants and raises the standards for all. Failure to provide adequate hall or stairway lighting as required by the municipal code.


Chicago Tenants Rights

If the landlord is able to sublease the unit, the tenant chixago terminated chhicago only responsible to the extent that the landlord receives less in rent than he would have under the broken lease.

There is a long history of landlords retaliating against tenants who take action in an attempt to protect their rights under the law. Under the Residential Landlord Tenant Ordnance, tenants must:. Though the list of potential violations is long, it is not all encompassing. If the landlord does find a new tenant, the old tenant is only liable for the period of time that there was no tenant as well as reasonable advertising costs.

Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance

I wound up with swollen legs and the inability to walk for a couple weeks, but thankfully I lived. Whether a defect is serious enough or not will ultimately be up to a judge or a jury. Most of the basics are covered, like chicxgo, mice, leaks, no heat, cracked windows, no fire extinguishers or smoke detectors.

Like everything else under this section, the amount that can be recovered must be proven reasonable.

Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance – Know Your Rights

The City of Chicago has barred what it believes are abusive terms. However, citation by the City for code violations also isn’t a requirement before a tenant can allege non-compliance. If the landlord does not make the proper disclosure, the tenant may give written notice and terminate the agreement. The recently enacted Chicago Bed Bug Ordinance requires that landlords provide tenants with a bed bug brochure that outlines the responsibilities of a landlord and tenant when bedbugs are detected.

In either case, there has to be a real problem, as discussed above. Andy took our case for us and handled it with aplomb and professionalism.

If the failure to deliver possession of the apartment was willful, the tenant may recover the greater of two months rent or the actual damages sustained. Receipt for payment of security deposit When a landlord receives a security deposit from a tenant or prospective tenant he must give them a receipt that lists the amount of the security deposit, the name of the person receiving it, the name of the landlord, the date the deposit is received and cchicago description of the unit.

Failure to supply or maintain facilities for refuse disposal.

Failure to provide smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, fire alarm systems, automatic fire detectors or fire extinguishers where required by the municipal code.


Failure to provide or maintain in good working order a flush water closet, lavatory basin, bathtub or shower, or kitchen sink. In addition to any remedies provided under federal law, a tenant shall have the remedies specified in this section under the circumstances herein set forth.

This provision is one of the most commonly violated by landlords as they often omit paying interest on the deposit when rkto tenant renews his lease. The cicago may recover the cost of the reasonable value of the substitute housing up to an amount equal to the monthly rent for the each month or portion thereof of noncompliance as chlcago. If the landlord does not fix the condition, the tenant may have the repair made in a workmanlike manner at a reasonable price customarily charged for such work.

The landlord may not deduct money from the security deposit for normal wear and tear. The tenant must deliver possession to the landlord within 30 days and the landlord shall return the security deposit, unpaid rent and interest.

He must give the notice in good faith using a method reasonably likely to provide the tenant notice. Moreover, many landlords will react by filing an eviction, even if the tenant strictly complies with the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance.

Obtain heat, running water, hot water, electricity, gas or plumbing and deduct the cost proven by receipts from the rent; or Sue the landlord for damages based on the reduced value of the apartment; or Obtain alternative housing, not pay rent, and recover the value of the substitute housing so long as it is reasonable and does not exceed the monthly rent.

Before an initial lease is signed or the tenant enters into a renewal agreement, the landlord or his agent must disclose the following:. If the landlord is attempting to lease the apartment, he must also disclose the pending foreclosure action prior to the lease signing. For purposes of this section, material noncompliance with Section shall include, but is not limited to, any of the following circumstances: