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In April , as part of its commitment to becoming more results-oriented, CIDA’s President issued the Results-Based Management in CIDA – Policy Statement. The December CIDA (now Global Affairs Canada) RBM Handbook on Developing Results Chains: The Basics of RBM as Applied to Project Examples. produce a comprehensive, pragmatic and useful guide for RBM tools and operations. CIDA uses RBM to better manage its international development.

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Results-Based Management Tools at CIDA: A How-to Guide

Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Monitoring checks to see whether outputs are of the desired rrbm and whether they are timely and adequate to lead to the desired change. Evidence shows that both planning and achievement of results increasingly receive attention at global, regional and country levels.

Risk management is therefore an integral part of results-based management. This is apparently not possible with these forms.

How Implementing Agencies View the An evaluation should provide information that is credible and useful, enabling the incorporation of lessons learned into the decision-making processes of both implementers and donors. It can be useful, not just for people working on CIDA projects but for anyone trying to put together the pieces of a complex project or programme.

That kind of analysis, as well as questions of cause and effect, is normally dealt with through reviews and evaluations. This Guide has only recently been made available on the GAC cidaa, and while it appears complete in itself, some of the links to templates remain to be added. If not, adjustments are required — that is adaptive management.


About Me Greg Armstrong. An effective monitoring system is critical to facilitating learning and accountability, which are essential elements of RBM.

Results-Based Management Tools at CIDA: A How-to Guide | Logframer

The Results-Based Management Website blog reviews websites of potential use to international development professionals interested in planning, managing or reporting on results. Suggested Results Reporting Format – emphasizing progress against indicators and targets.

At that high level, success or failure cannot be attributed to one specific programme intervention; therefore, reference is made to their contribution. It focuses on the fidelity of the cause-and-effect relationships: Posted by Greg Armstrong at Incentive structures are important for motivating management and staff to change a traditionally compliance-oriented culture. In some cases baseline data are available immediately, and that is one important criterion in choosing between cda may be equally valid indicators.

In the past different projects have reported in a wide variety of ways, often forcing readers to wade through dozens of pages of descriptions of activities, in a vain attempt to find out what the results are. In a rational process this would in fact be the situation. Organizing tasks for developing the Implementation Plan click to enlarge.

Results-based management for international assistance programming: A how-to guide

Output-Activities Matrix click to enlarge. The Ultimate Outcome level is the result to which the project, along with a host of other external agencies, including the national government, and other donors, may be contributing. The diagram below is an illustration of a results chain. Examples of how to phrase Outcomes in specific terms syntax. Evaluation discussed in detail later under the section on evaluation, section 4.


Buy-in and support for RBM can only be achieved by actively involving staff and stakeholders.

Posted by Greg Armstrong at Fuide inputs or resources leading to desired activities? In UN-Habitat, the ToC is used as a result-oriented approach for analysing the complex systems in which the organisation and its partners operate, and for planning actions that are likely to influence those systems in a positive way, and bring about change in the lives of urban dwellers.

Involving staff in the development and implementation of a results approach is important for creating the support for the necessary change of orientation.

The Theory of Change as an approach is a guiding framework for all stages of planning thinkingimplementation action and performance management accountability and lessons-learning when intervening in social change processes. If you get the message above, you might cidda able to get around it by right clicking on the link and downloading the document, but there is no guarantee this will work.