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Editorial Reviews. Review. “First-person perspective done right makes a protagonist seemmore CLOCKWISE: A Young Adult Time Travel Romance ( The Clockwise Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Elle Lee Strauss, Lee Strauss. Download. The Clockwise Collection. Uncontrolled time travel can be so annoying! Casey Donovan has issues: hair, height and uncontrollable trips to the 19th century!. In Strauss’ debut novel, Casey Donavan must deal with all the average problems of the average, modern teenage girl: body image issues.

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Happy Another great installment from the clockwork collection the author never stops adding more entertaining adventures and challenges for our strausz explorers. They scraped the surface, which was disappointing. Before Mama can chain-smoke her way to heaven, she’s gotta make sure Cali’s deadbeat ex-boyfriend doesn’t get her daughter killed.

That wasn’t the case with this one. I loved the whole time travel thing and all the drama that played out. The romance pretty much glossed over the surface, and I felt Strauss concentrated more elel the yo-yo effect than the depth of how they felt. This installment was fast-paced and compelling. But even though she’s a thief she has a moral code: Received ARC in exchange for an honest review. Each week, our editors select the one author clockwisw one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

After a messy divorce sends her fleeing back to her hometown of Mystic Notch, nestled strzuss the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Willa finds herself haunted by the tenacious ghost of the town librarian, who insists Willa solve her murder. I finished the 4th clocmwise in the series today they say 5th if you count the short one told from Nate’s point of view.


Loved the ending too. I’d definitely be friends with Casey, but I don’t think I’d shake her hand. It’s such a fun and enjoyable listen.

Casey also has a crush on Nate, the stereotypical hot jock, who all the girls swoon for and she just happened to be touching him when she was transported back to around in Massachusetts and guess who came along for the ride? Knowing Nate has an evil girlfriend waiting for him at home helps. I just wish I could excise the first part of the book from my head, but since I can’t I won’t mention any of it and pretend I never read any of it either, except to say the beginning of this book is really, really bad – but stick with it, it gets better.

I found myself enjoying this book, but disappointedly, not as much as I was hoping. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Oct 02, Carissa rated it liked it.


For instance, my hair is the unmanageable kind of curly, the color of burnt toast. Suzanne has the perfect house, a successful husband, and a thriving family. I loved it and really enjoyed it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The ending felt balanced. Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship or a ztrauss nightmare? It also has a great romance and I loved all the twists and turns and the way everything came together in the end. Aug 29, Veray rated it it was amazing.

Open Preview See a Problem? She is also entertaining, comical, relatable well, except the whole time travel thingand very likeable. Every rendezvous strahss share must be secret.

La Plume Press Availability: I feel that she holds back too much and is too cautious most of the time.


Clockwiser (Clockwise, book 2) by Elle Strauss

What better place to capture a woman than Earth? And Nate goes from a being a normally supportive boyfriend to a more tired version. I could do without some of the teenage drama, and it has a bit less maturity than some of the other young adult series I enjoy, but the science fiction aspect is interesting, and I do like a good romance even if it includes teen drama.

I would love that! I identified with Casey a lot, because I know what it feels like to be a dork and an outcast as a teenager.

Counter Clockwise (Clockwise, #5) by Elle Strauss

There are a few twists that will leave your jaw on clockwisw floor, plus the way she writes the story will have you living in that timeline. Everything is fine as long as she doesn’t touch anyone. Middle age can be murder It leads to an offer she can’t refuse from the town’s bad boy, the brother of her ex and the last man she should ever partner with.

Casey even receives a marriage proposal, albeit an entirely unwelcome one from a cruel man with Southern sympathies. If you’re into a YA time traveling stories then pick this book up! I will say that I wasn’t too happy with Casey towards the end. She’s athletic and catches a football at the practice, Nate Mackenzie’s Tom Brady autographed ball.

He finally sees what an amazing and strong person she is and becomes a better person himself.