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Le Rosaire est une prière universelle, utilisée en presque toutes les langues et dans la plupart des pays. Comment faire adopter cette prière à tout le monde?. Les mystères glorieux constituent la dernière des quatre séries de cinq mystères médités dans la prière catholique du Rosaire. . En cas de réutilisation des textes de cette page, voyez comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. 7 oct. Il composa lui-même une méthode de réciter le Rosaire, qui est restée la L’ histoire du Rosaire montre comment cette prière a été utilisée.

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Thereafter Mary’s gaze, ever filled with adoration and wonder, would never leave him.

Le Rosaire Vivant

To obtain mercy and all graces, no prayer certainly can be offered to God more efficacious or pleasing than that which was indited, and is put into our hearts and mouths by his divine Son, our blessed Redeemer himself. Novo millennio ineunte, n. Rm 8, 29; Ph 3, It is important not to lose this precious inheritance. The Festival of the Rosary. It could be objected that the Rosary seems hardly suited to the taste of children and young people of today.

At times when Christianity itself seemed under threat, its deliverance was attributed to the power of this prayer, and Our Lady of the Rosary was acclaimed as the one whose intercession brought oe. It is in any case certain that the Countess Godiva of Coventry c. In contemplating Christ’s face we become open to receiving the mystery of Trinitarian life, experiencing ever anew the commenr of the Father and delighting in the joy of the Holy Spirit.

The use of the Greek rosary is prescribed in Rule 87 of the “Nomocanon”, which roaaire It is in any case certain that at the close of the fifteenth century the utmost possible variety of methods of meditating prevailed, and that the fifteen mysteries now generally accepted were not uniformly adhered to even by the Dominicans themselves.


Not less remarkable is the account of a similar devotional exercise occurring in the Corpus Christi manuscripts of the Ancren Riwle. The revelation of his mystery as the Son wholly dedicated to his Father’s affairs proclaims the radical roaaire of the Gospel, in which even the closest of human relationships are challenged by the absolute demands of the Kingdom. At that time the infidels, with an army of two hundred thousand men, held the Christian army, as it were, besieged near Belgrade, and had a garrison of twenty thousand men in that strong city, then the bulwark of their empire.

This article was transcribed for New Advent by Michael C. From that time forward this manner of prayer was “most wonderfully published abroad and developed [ promulgari augerique coepit ] by St. The Rosary of the Virgin Mary, which gradually took form in the second millennium under the guidance of the Spirit of God, is a prayer loved by countless Saints and encouraged by the Magisterium. The evidence for commenh is overwhelming and comes from every part of Europe.

Mystères glorieux

The Rosary, reclaimed in its full meaning, goes to the very heart of Christian life; it offers a familiar yet fruitful spiritual and educational opportunity for personal contemplation, the formation of the People of God, and the new evangelization. Yet, even though the mysteries contemplated in the Rosary, even with the addition of the mysteria lucis, do no more than outline the fundamental elements of the life of Christ, they easily draw the mind to a more expansive reflection on the rest of the Gospel, especially when the Rosary is prayed in a setting of prolonged recollection.

Today we are facing new challenges. It is also the way of a Marian devotion inspired by knowledge of the inseparable bond between Christ and his Blessed Mother: La Documentation catholique 58col.

It is not a matter of recalling information but of allowing God to speak. Not less conclusive is the account given of St. All the same, as the fruit of centuries of experience, this method should not be undervalued.


Mystères glorieux — Wikipédia

When we repeat the name of Jesus — the only name given to us by which we may hope for salvation cf. The famous will of Anthony Sers, which professed to leave a bequest to the Confraternity of the Rosary at Palencia inwas put forward as a conclusive piece of testimony by Mamachi ; but it is now admitted by Dominican authorities to be a forgery “The Irish Rosary, Jan.

In other places, the Rosary begins with the recitation of the Creed, as if to make the profession of faith the basis of the contemplative journey about to recitdr undertaken. If this repetition is considered superficially, there could be a rosaide to see the Rosary as a dry and boring exercise. And now prostrate in your presence, invited by sincere devotion of heart, and all inflamed with veneration for your sweet name, I represent to you the joy of that salutation when the Archangel Gabriel, sent by God, entered your secret closet, and honoured you with a salutation unheard-of from the beginning of the world, saying, Hail, full of grace, our Lord is with you: There are some who think that the centrality of the Liturgy, rightly stressed by the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, necessarily entails giving commetn importance to the Rosary.

It would be impossible to name all the many Saints who discovered in the Rosary a genuine path to growth in holiness. A path of contemplation. In this prayer we repeat cmment holy name to excite ourselves to reverence and devotion. In this way the Rosary would better express its connection with the Christian life.