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We propose and evaluate an extension to the Application-Layer FEC (AL-FEC) codes introduced by the Pro-MPEG Forum in its Code of Practice 3 r2 (Pro-MPEG . Layer FEC (AL-FEC) codes introduced by the Pro-MPEG. Forum in its Code of Practice 3 r2 (Pro-MPEG COP3 codes), consisting in allowing the use of a number. [FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avformat: Add Pro-MPEG CoP #3-R2 FEC protocol. Vlad Tarca vtarca at Thu Jun 2 CEST.

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Any new IPCC methods would only apply to a second budget period or subsequent target. Land resources and forest are crucial to national economic co3 in Kenya.

That is, greater confidence can be held in the difference trend line or net emissions between two periods eg to where methodology provides a standardised estimate, and errors in estimation are systematic e.

Including sinks would interfere with management and utilisation of land resources including forest. To postpone the date from which actions would be measured would only serve to postpone action.

Please see paragraphs 10 and 11, as well as 8,9,12,13 and While the term human induced has been used as a substitute for anthropogenic and has found widespread acceptance for emissions from industrial processes and fossil t2 combustion, it is not so easily applied to forestry and sinks, which are essentially natural processes. In the context of QELROs, anthropogenic enhancement of sinks should be defined rather narrowly to include only direct actions such as the planting of forests, application of fertilizers to forests, exclusion of grazing or revegetation activities.

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Suggestions have been made that the issue of uncertain emission estimates can more easily be addressed by narrowing the focus of the binding quantified emission limitation and reduction objectives QELROs to the few sources most easily estimated.


Australia’s forthcoming national communication and its inventory for have substantially reduced uncertainties from the first national communication, due to the ongoing work in the LUCF sectors. All quantifiable anthropogenic sinks should be included, subject to the decisions of MOP1. For some fluorocarbons there is an additional element of uncertainty depending on how delayed releases are taken into account.

Conservation of Loggerhead Sea Turtle Caretta caretta.

Countries will be required to justify their results as reported in their national communication to the Review Team from the FCCC, and while countries should report on all sink activity, only those sinks reported on in the national communication should be claimed against a QELROs. See response to Q8 a. A legally binding target would be defined with reference to gross anthropogenic emissions from fossil fuels and industrial processes for all gases and all sources, excluding carbon dioxide emissions from biomass.

Conservation of the Coo3 Turtle Eretmochelys imbricata. Do you have specific protocol language? By excluding forestry and hence afforestation, reforestation and deforestation from a QELRO, we fail to foster the sustainability of existing forests and are therefore in conflict with the aims of the Convention.


In this context, Australia does not believe it is necessary that the same methodology apply between countries; indeed, it may not be appropriate to conditions in other countries, only that it is applied consistently within one country and in one period. Furthermore, by narrowing the definition of anthropogenic to direct activities that change carbon stocks after the target year, ckp3 of the uncertainties associated with the land-use change and forestry methodologies are reduced.

IAC Finances What criteria governed your answer to question number 1? Please see paragraphs 11 and Uncertainty is inherent in estimations of GHG emissions and sinks from all sectors.

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The handling of sources and sinks should reflect the relative weight between these two in a country’s greenhouse profile. Man f2 enhance the carbon dioxide uptake of these sinks through direct actions, however.


Enhancing removals of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is as important to this as is reducing emissions by sources. Australia therefore views co3p review mechanism as very important, and believes this should prove adequate for assessing compliance with QELROs. Any other than forest and land use change. Historical national communications should not be used as the basis for measuring compliance. However, in deriving data for the inventory, and in participation at workshops on LUC, Australia has noted that the issue of the interpretation of the Guidelines has been of concern to Parties.

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Australia believes all categories agreed to be anthropogenic should be included. In this regard, Canada would like to propose that improved methods for inventorying e2 anthropogenic sources and sinks of greenhouse gases be developed based on the work of the IPCC and other expert groups and that the Parties adopt revised guidelines on the use of these methods at a Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto agreement prior to the first budget period.

The answer is governed by the agreed position of the EU, which recognises the desirability of eventually taking into account sinks in QELROs, once the modalities for doing so can be agreed.

Such a limitation could further delay the incorporation of improved science into the quantification of sinks and could delay the process of reducing uncertainty in this area. Anthropogenic enhancement of removals by sinks of atmospheric carbon dioxide is an copp3 component of the current Icelandic National Climate Change Action Programme.