Within the last seven months, a sudden rash of skin magazines have offered new buying and planning options here. Half a dozen or so new. And she’s more than ready to pose topless for the glossy pages of girlie magazines, with a candour hitherto unknown. Meet the new entrants in. JSE-listed Famous Brands has announced its expansion into India, with a pilot Debonairs Pizza restaurant set to open in Mumbai in July

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Interviews with a substantial numbed of these girls in Delhi and Bombay reveal that a majority of them aspire to a career in films, television serials or a high-profile stint in product modelling.

Meet the new entrants in the fast-growing market of pleasure: Playway quotes sales figures of nearly 30, copies while the newer entrants aim at a circulation figure of about 50, in another six months.

Do You Like This Story? Related Galleries Top 10 Bollywood actresses in Top 10 best dressed women of Biggest hits of Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Pooja has recently done topless poses for DebonairFantasy and Chastity and is eager for more.

What Monica Lewinsky Told TIME Magazine About Bill Clinton in | Time

But I still feel horrible about how indiscreet I was. Top searched celebrity Scroll Down.

Times have changed and exposing is part of their culture. Ironically, nude models end up as just that – nude models.

Kate Upton gets the pulses racing as she poses topless on the May issue of the Esquire magazine cover. U – Kathe Hero. Unlike in the past, when nude modelling was a clandestine, undercover activity, today’s pin-up girls don’t feel the need to resort to subterfuges.


Sex magazines aren’t new in India. Half a dozen or so new publications with titles such as Chastity, Playway and Fantasy are mostly claiming high, if unaudited, circulations and no shortage of advertisers.

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Shriya Saran looks super-sexy as she flaunts her cleavage on the cover of ‘Maxim’ magazine. Author of ‘Fat Girl’ Tess Holliday changes the perception of plus size models.

Top 15 Sexiest Magazine Covers of 2012

Adds Varsha Pardkar, Reshma’s middle-aged mother: If I feel good about my body, Magaxine will not be embarrassed about posing nude. Explains year-old Nandini Guruv, a professional textile designer, who recently had her first solo exhibition of stylised fabric prints in Bombay: These glamorous pictures of Janhvi Kapoor you simply can’t miss!

See what she had to say about her mistakes, humiliation and becoming a celebrity. Who stole the marketing industry?


That was a real betrayal. Register to become a member today.

And the classic one-liner by Ranjan Kar sums up the archetypal male attitude towards such models: This could be because of the invasion of the electronic media,” he said, adding, “People have acquired enough guts to try these magazines. Everybody in magaizne world would agree on that.


Voyeurism and economics, it appears, go hand in hand.

Top 15 Sexiest Magazine Covers of Photogallery – Times of India

Dipika Kakar wins the show. What else do you need to make it in films? I made a lot of mistakes. She added that services such as MTV and the appearance of FM radio last year in India has also served to loosen attitudes toward sex.

Dehonairs flaunts her body and knows her mind.

Nobody actually gets to know what you do undercover,” she says. Curiously, the devil-may-care attitude stretches across the board. Sahni, an aspiring ramp model, has posed topless for both Chastity and Fantasyand justifies her activities with her own logic: Till its recent legal imbroglio involving the publication of a minor’s nude photographs and its subsequent closure, Fantasy claimed monthly sales of over a lakh copies.

And it is slow, from the bottom of your toes to the top of your head back down to your toes again. And however much the women try to justify their act, the stereotyped stigma of a nude model being an alluring, available woman, still sticks. Delhi-based Anjali Kapur, 24, a high court lawyer by profession, belongs to a close-knit Punjabi family.