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For most of us, it was just another horrible headline. But for Deborah Spungen, the mother of Nancy, who was stabbed to death at the Chelsea Hotel, it was both . Below is a transcript of two letters sent from Sid to Deborah Spungen a fortnight following Nancy’s murder. They first appeared in her book, ‘And I Don’t Wan’t to. If you believe Deborah Spungen’s memoir (the Spungen family declined to be interviewed for this article), Nancy devoted her life to pissing people off. Born in.

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She would simply step over the line, draw a new one, and then step over that. This book has so many controversial topics, and I love bringing it up as to further support my opinions. Not keep putting her in bringing debprah out I wanted to comment rather than ask – I’m disturbed to see that a lot of reviewers think this is about a ‘disturbed’ child – in fact her mother makes it clear that Nancy was hyperactive and highly intelligent, and that these traits were medicalised when she sought help and support.

Nancy once asked if I would pour petrol over myself and set it on fire if she told me to. Aug 14, Amanda rated it really liked it. Enclosed is a poem I wrote for her. Also, I found some parts that made me question the spuungen of the book.

I can’t go on without it. Every day is agony without her. Daniel I remember being at the public library, where I felt veborah and comfortable, and sad me read this line handwritten inside a font page of a book, and it …more I remember being at the public library, where I felt safe and comfortable, and sad me read this line handwritten inside a font page of a book, and it haunts and influences me to this day.


I may die of starvation in this place. Their story had a crazy beginning, but maybe the craziest thing is how normal their relationship could have been.

Deborah Spungen | Penguin Random House

After a couple of weeks of being apart, I had a strange feeling that Nancy was dying. It made me so happy to give her love, and believe me, no man ever loved a woman with such burning passion as I love Nancy. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Matlock, Glen and Pete Silverton. Nancy had a bad reputation. It is a heartbreaking book by a grieving mother who loved her daughter and wanted nothing more but help her.

I read this deborqh long time ago at an impressionable age and it has haunted me since. Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd. With Vicious, she not only fulfilled her goal, but also found someone whose dependence on her gave her a purpose.

You tend to close them until it happens to your child. The following night, at least two different drug dealers visited the couple’s hotel room, the last claiming to have seen Nancy alive at 4 or 5 a.

You take it for granted these days that there is less taboo and more help for people. Retrieved from ” https: I came to a point When I saw this book in my college library I was hooked because it was a real story and when I found out that it is the story about Nancy Spungen the girlfriend of the guitarist of Sex Pistols Sid Vicious,Ii took the book to read it. She tells the story of a daughter she both hated and loved.

Deborah Spungen

If Sid did kill Nancy, he definitely had no recollection of it. I gave her the love that she needed so badly and it comforts me to know that I made her very happy during the time we were together, where she had only known unhappiness before. Could not put this book down. I have to keep my half of the bargain. If Sid’s onstage contributions to the burgeoning London music scene were minimal, however, his offstage antics made plenty of waves.


If you wonder what it’s like to have an out-of-control child, and then what’s it is like to have her become a famous murder victim, this is the book for you.

Books by Deborah Spungen.

The author comes off and very whiny and attention-seeking. Unsurprisingly, Vicious’ apungen promises included fulfilling his obligations to the band.

Jun 13, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: Because when you love someone as much as we love each other, they become fundamental to your existence. Most famously, he beat music journalist Nick Kent with deobrah bicycle chain at a Club Sex Pistols gig for criticizing the band in print. My favorite part of the book was the poem written by Sid after her death: Low to High Price: She was the only thing that mattered to me.

He throws the bandage into the crowd, and smiles wider while the devoted rip it to shreds, hungry for a special souvenir” Monk, Indeed, McLaren was initially thrilled about adding Sid’s fiery personality to the Sex Pistols, saying, “When Sid joined he couldn’t play guitar but his craziness fit into the structure of the band. I just hope that when I die I go the same place as her. We so much wanted to die together in each other’s arms.

Left to raise the boy alone after splitting with his dad, Beverley moved frequently and drifted from job to job. It was so beautiful it was almost unbearable. The mostly disastrous tour ended in San Francisco on January 14,with a much-anticipated show at the Winterland.