DIN 71752 PDF

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DIN 71752 PDF

ends Ball joints Axial joints Height adjusting elements Swivel feet Levelling feet Tube-end plugs Equipment feet Hinges · Clevis joints. Clevis joints DIN Clevises DIN / DIN ISO / CETOP in various materials and with different surface protections fast and low cost directly from the manufactu. mbo products are available from MARYLAND METRICS. Clevises DIN / DIN ISO and according to CETOP RPP mbo standard 05_

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DIN Fork heads, Steel | Ganter Standard Parts

In addition, this variant can also be supplied fully manufactured from stainless steel. One of the great advantages of this variant is that it is very simple to assemble and disassemble. Mating piece for xin es The mating piece for a clevis performs similar tasks to the clevis itself.

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Due to the arrangement of the parts, the friction due to movement occurs primarily between the bolt and sin part connected to it and the cross-hole in the clevis. Clevises and clevis joints from mbo Osswald are now available with a further option, an additional thread. The new catalogue Alongside the clevis, these joints also have a bolt with groove and a SL-retainer in order to fix the bolt in place.


GANTER – Free CAD models – DIN Stainless steel Fork head – TraceParts

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All the series listed above can also be extended by the following options. The joint also generates very little noise due to the fixed connection between the parts.

Mating pieces for clevises. More about the shop. Clevis with elongated hole This variant is suitable when adjustments need to 711752 made in the area of the cross-hole.

Add to shopping cart Add to inquiry cart. Typical areas of application include the automotive and railway industry, agricultural and construction machinery as well as machine and plant manufacturing.

Folding spring bolts suitable for clevises. Joint rod The combinations listed above can be usefully complemented and their sphere of application extended by using a threaded rod. Details of 771752 selected product Article no.

As a result, this 7752 is particularly suitable when the clevis has to be joined to a part with a female thread. Corporate customer without VAT.

Clevises DIN 71752 / DIN ISO 8140 / CETOP RP102P

Adherence to this standard ensures economic pricing, long-term availability of the parts and wide-ranging sourcing possibilities. Clevis with male thread The series with male thread is basically identical to the standard design described above.


We would be delighted to advise you in person! For more information, djn also Wikipedia. My Ganter My customer data My orders My favourites.

Please first choose whether you are a private or corporate customer. These make it possible to meet special requirements or to greatly 17752 the service life of the joint in certain environments. Thus, on the one hand, it can be used in the same way as a knuckle eye, while, on the other, it forms an ideal mating piece for the clevis and combines this to form a knee joint. Bolts with groove, without head, for retaining rings DIN suitable for clevises. Do idn find your product?

This could also be interesting Provided that the geometry of the part permits it, parts can also be supplied with different thread sizes or a left-hand metric thread. Clevis joints are also frequently used to compensate for play.

The list below describes the individual parts corresponding to the conventional design in accordance with DIN form A: The only difference is that a male thread is used.