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24 channel H recorder. Features. – HSR = high speed, high resolution. – 8 analogue camera inputs, expandable up to 24 camera inputs. – Simultaneous. Dallmeier DMS HSR Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dallmeier DMS HSR Configuration. Get in-depth information on Dallmeier DMS HSR Bank Digital video recorder (DVR) including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire.

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In the Search-Mode a relationship is established between these rectangles picture changes and the marking drawn by you. Any and all information, including, among others, wordings, More information. Switching By Timer The audio settings for recording remain unchanged. Any and all information, including, among others, wordings.

Its context menu shows this position as number of the current image. Dallmeier Ip And Hd Cameras All recorders come with integrated UTC capability, which allows for the convenient hst of Dallmeier cameras via the recorder interface, even during ongoing business. Like all Dallmeier systems, the bank recorders are highly stable and reliable devices.

Message categories The System Messages are divided into different categories. The List dialog will be displayed.

dallmeier DMS 240 HSR Manuals

It also will not be displayed if a user with access level 1 or 2 logs into Playback mode. Vga Display Sequence The events listed for the index search are a collection of individual events.

The storage capacity of the reference image memory is limited to images. For safe and efficient operation The current position is the starting picture determined by the quick search or simple search before the search function is called up. The export list will be erased if the current playback mode is quit Selection Proceed as follows in order to select the relevant single images or sequences: The full functionality for track playback and analysis is available.


Inform yourself about the applicable laws and regulations regarding data, working and environmental protection before using the unit and ensure compliance with them. But it will be erased if the current playback mode is quit.

Safety notes, general information and technical data are additionally provided. We recommend that you use the software setting. These secure tracks will be saved as soon as an alarm is triggered on the recorder see documentation Configuration.

These single images and sequences can be evaluated afterwards with another recorder or with a PC and the appropriate Dallmeier software PView, ProcessViewer Pro.

Deleting The Reference Image Set The camera control button will be activated. The integration of external data, for example from ATMs, cash tills or access control systems is optionally possible via the Dallmeier Network Interface DNI and can be easily realised.

First step is the selection of the relevant single images and sequences. The corresponding picture is now the starting point for the index search. The context menu for selecting the CVBS monitor will be displayed.

Dallmeier DMS Manuals

Leaving The Camera Control D Viewing the results In order to view a recognized ems, click the corresponding entry in the event list.


Please use More information. Click on Back to return to the multi split type. Analyzing System Messages Operating conditions Unfavourable operating conditions can shorten the life of the unit and can cause malfunctions, damages and data los s and can result in loss of warranty.

System messages dialog Filter system messages If the system messages warning dialog is displaying messages related to different 20 the corresponding filter buttons will also be displayed A. The dialog will be displayed again after 30 seconds, independent from the current mode. Serial Ptz Cameras The context menu of the single split will be displayed. The procedure is identical to the description in the Advanced search section.

Image Export And Import Do not use DB The search criteria available in this search function are set by the configuration in the Search Items dialog box. The presentation of the prestigious Detektor International Award We have the right to make changes of the contents without notice.

Cam Viewer 3 Lite. Modified images and sequences can not be evaluated with a recorder anymore. Leaving The Utc Zoom Control Please handle with care as product contains glass. Regulations The use of video and audio surveillance systems in general is strictly regulated.

The descriptions in this document apply to all above-mentioned models.