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This is the Droid48 Reader FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Droid48 will display instructions for storing the program in a VAR menu or in. Android 2 2 Manual Droid Droid48 Screenshot 2. Information Tags: hp48, droid 48, hp48 emulator, hp 48, droid48 manual, droid48, hp emulator HP 49 G. Another user, janvangastel, posted a link in another thread to the HP 48g user manual which applies to the Droid48 calculator app available in.

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Importing programs into Droid48 – Android Apps & Games | Android Forums

HP48 files are shared as ZIP files. Press the STO button. Most other formats are either not compressed or use lossy compression. Click below to download it now: In Droid48 Readertap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner Select Open File Navigate into the following folders: Quick tap on the name of the data ex: If there droi48 enough driod48 interest, support might be implemented in a future release of Droid48 Reader.


This droidd48 the actual data you are interested in. Unicode is used in modern computers to represent a huge number of the possible letters and symbols created by humans.

Tap the screen and press the Save Checkpoint button. Later on, Unicode was invented to handle a huge number of characters invented by humans. JPG is lossy and experimentation produced terrible looking HP48 graphics.

PNG was easy to implement.

Note on merged memory: Install a program into the emulator that converts text HP48 programs in binary programs. Loading a text HP48 program requires more steps: Android has built-in support for PNG files.

PNG was implemented first because: There are many to choose from. Long tap on the name of the data ex: I changed things in Droid48, how do I get Droid48 Reader to see those changes? HP48 programs can also be stored in text format which Droid48 does not natively support, but there is a work-around.

Droid48 Reader – Drehersoft

ZIP files have supported Unicode since To get data out of Droid48sxit is a 3 step process. By default in Droid48 Readerusers can not ddoid48 or share such data.


In Droid48sxtap droid8 screen and then tap the gear icon to enter the Setting screen. PNG uses lossless compression to perfectly preserve the image. Level 1 of the stack will now be something like: The emulator Droid48 already provides a mechanism to load binary HP48 programs.

Droid48 Reader

Unsafe data is data that can cause an HP 48 calculator or emulator to behave strangely or crash if the data is used there. Only one of these is required. If there is enough customer manaul, full support for Droid48sx might be implemented in a future release of Droid48 Reader. Support for Android 7.

I emailed a file to Hotmail, why can’t I open the file? After doing this, return to Droid48 Reader and select Refresh Droid48 from the menu.