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The DruidCraft Tarot app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Celebrate the beauty of the Earth and the rhythms of the seasons with the DruidCraft Tarot. The Druid Craft Tarot has ratings and 26 reviews. Emelie said: This is a fantastic deck and book for tarot.. Mine is now about 10 years and worn and. Get a free reading using the Druidcraft Tarot cards. Choose from a variety of spreads and save notes in a journal.

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At the very end of the book there are also some exemplary spreads and how to read them.

Since that time, the Order has grown to become the largest Druid teaching order in the world. Cid rated it it was amazing Nov 06, It could be pointed out, however, that the two traditions recognise those eight seasonal ceremonies in very different ways, and the use of a magic circle is not a feature of all forms of Druidry.

DruidCraft Tarot | Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

I would highly recommend this deck if you are drawn Connect socially with Tarpt. Also, it is easier to use than some decks, possiblybecuase of the accompanying book. Anyway, every single card is very beautiful and rich in amazing details. This is a full deck of 78 cards, each a superb work of art, with a text by prominent authors.

What about the Major Arcana? Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm They say: We have changed the name of The Devil to Cernunnos and have explained why in detail in the book.


Let the DruidCraft path show you the Way. Instead we have followed the example of Pamela Coleman-Smith and some of the Sola Busca deck from long ago to use complete pictures for each pip card.

The first striking thing to hit you when acquiring the deck is the package itself. I bought this set tarog the card deck as well as a book with instructions because the deck was so very beautiful.

The Druid Craft Tarot

The artwork on these is great. Included also in this section is a discussion on the purpose of the Tarot cards and a useful explanation as to why the deck should not be used to predict the future but to seek for insights, ideas and guidance. Return – Druidcraf good condition within 60 days for full refund. The email is a one off email. Moods Collection – Incense Sticks. Why a DruidCraft Tarot? Jun 07, Katherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: The practical use of any Tarot deck is the important issue for me.

Nov 18, Michael Hazard rated it it was amazing. Part of my tarot library – I refer to it as one might a dictionary.

DruidCraft Tarot

taroot More than 10 in stock Unit Price: Will Worthington will be known to many readers as tzrot artist for The Druid Animal Oraclebut in this new work he has moved from using gouache to tempera — a method favoured by the Renaissance artists, using ground minerals and egg yolk.

UK Delivery – More info. The Runes, as a means of divination, meditation and guidance have always been my ‘way’. Read more Elizabeth Smith 27 Dec Wonderful service Wonderful service, great prices and beautiful stock. There is also a section at the end on how to use the cards that had several spreads I have never tried before.


The images are gorgeous, the lessons profound, can deeply recommend anyone getting a deck of tarot to get this one! Everyone else seems to love this deck, so I almost feel a little guilty for not doing so. The book is an admirable production and compares well with the brief amount of information and help given with some decks.

The accompanying book is a clear and lucid guide as to how the cards can be used. It took a long time to come into production and there is clear evidence of a huge amount of preparation and research having gone into the project. I found myself buying the ‘Ryder Waite’ deck however, Druiddraft could not really relate to this and was just about to give up on the Tarot until I stumbled upon this deck! The artwork on the cards is beautiful, as can be expected from Will Worthington, a real master in this field.

Our newsletter mainly shares new products added to the Holisticshop. A very beatiful tarot deck. The artwork Will has created is extraordinary – it almost seems to glow, tsrot each druidxraft seems to act like a window on a magical world that Will reveals.

Much of the inspiration has come from the Coleman-Smith images but we have departed radically in certain ones, as in the Eight of Pentacles shown on this page.