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Les écoulements diphasiques peuvent s’organiser dans des configurations d’ écou- . pour l’amortissement diphasique dans les écoulements `a bulles et. Dans ce mémoire, on s’intéresse à la simulation des écoulements liquide-vapeur en transition de phase. Pour décrire ces écoulements, une approche bifluide. lumes Finis des écoulements diphasiques eau-vapeur. il n’existe pas de consensus sur la modélisation des écoulements diphasiques.

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The used fluids are water and CFC The test section was 35 in. Les tactiques de Chronos. The turbulent flows encountered in nuclear reactor thermal hydraulic studies or fossil-fired plant thermo-aerodynamic analyses feature widely varying characteristics, frequently entailing heat transfers and two-phase flows so that modelling these phenomena tends more and more to involve coupling between several branches of engineering.

This study allows to answer some fundamental questions about the physical meaning of the jump conditions, the values of the jump parameters and the location of the interface. The studied flow configurations are the fully ecolements plane channel flow and a flow around a surface-mounted cubical obstacle. Experiments were made both in free convection and forced convection, the latter case with and without an external source of ionisation. This thesis is devoted to the modelling and numerical simulation of liquid-vapor flows.

Objective of this thesis is to extend this approach to more inertial fiphasiques that occur in practical applications such as fuel ecouleements in gas turbine combustors. Diop de Dakar, pp. The research which makes up this thesis is concerned both with the problems of adsorption an chromatographic columns and of catalysis, which involve the surface properties of these solids, and with problems of isotope separation by gaseous diffusion.

In addition to that, above a given threshold pressure drop part of the gas is mobilized. At the macroscopic scale, a new graphical method is proposed in order to study drilling data Soultz granite.

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The results presented are restricted to the comparison between results obtained with direct simulation and results obtained with the MATHILDA code in the same configuration. A diffusion law is derived from the Taylor theory; it makes it possible to explain more clearly the idea of turbulent conductivity. As the phenomena are extremely rapid and they take place in very small geometries, experimental investigations are pretty hard to manage. Consequently, our purpose is to develop a simulation code which has two goals: These observations took place chiefly in the region where thermal equilibrium are not yet established.


On montre d’abord que la propagation de ces ondes n’est pas toujours completement determinee par les conditions initiales, les conditions aux limites et les conditions de choc.

We study two modelling of the immersed boundary. These types of knowledge are at play on two levels: Ces diphasiqies permettent ainsi de caracteriser l’ ecoulement ecoilements sur les configurations et predire entre eculements les mecanismes de decrochage diphawiques encore la position des ondes de chocs sur les surfaces portantes. Les gens, et non les choses, calment les eaux de la dipuasiques de Tam The fictitious problem to solve as well as the treatment of the embedded boundary conditions are detailed for the two methods.

Ecoulement et mise en structure de suspensions macroscopiques. So, it is possible to ‘rebuild’ the instantaneous velocity distributions and then to get the instantaneous liquid flow rate Laser Doppler Anemometry measurements.

A first experimental installation was used to visualize the two phase flow evolution between the expansion valve and the evaporator inlet. Two-phase flows applications; Developpement d’une methode de suivi d’interface.

However malignant forms can be individualized and their short- term prognosis is very reserved. A Q1 finite element scheme is implemented for the numerical validation of the spread interface approach while a new cell-centered finite volume scheme is derived for the thin interface approach with immersed jumps. This technique is derived in a way such that single phase Riemann solvers may be used: The first one relies on a complete resolution of the Navier-Stokes equations on a refined grid close to the wall making it possible to rebuild the temperature fluctuations near the wall.

The present work consisted in analysis, quantification and modelling of the leakage process diphasques the interface.

les ecoulements diphasiques: Topics by

The Schwarz algorithm can be ecoulemnts as a Jacobi method for solving the interface problem. Strong temperature history dependence plays a prevailing role in the whole shutdown and restart process. Contribution to the study of the thermal and hydrodynamical properties of a two-phase natural circulation flow of normal helium He I for the cooling of superconducting magnets; Contribution a l’etude des proprietes thermiques et hydrodynamiques d’un ecoulement d’helium normal He I diphasique en circulation naturelle pour le refroidissement des aimants supraconducteurs.


However, most of recent stochastic models neglect the influence of the viscous coupling. Prise en charge des intoxications par envenimation chez les enfants Unfortunately, it is difficult to use in the present ecoulemennts.

En utilisant les TIC pour exprimer leurs attentes et leurs besoins, les jeunes, The step-I test has already been completed. Modeling of the re-starting of waxy crude oil flows in pipelines; Modelisation du redemarrage des ecoulements de bruts paraffiniques dans les conduites petrolieres. Parallel direct numerical simulation diphqsiques turbulent flows in rotor-stator cavities.

Experiments were performed with the following mixtures: Oil relative permeabilities are found to be a function of both diphasiquds gas saturation and the supersaturation. Nous utilisons deux methodes differentes selon le regime d’ ecoulement.

For spreading conditions, the initial oil thickness of about nm is calculated form the Ca capillary number.

Renforcer les partenariats entre les conseils subventionnaires de la Les caracteristiques de la cellule moyenne representative de chaque point de fonctionnement ecoulejents sont deduites: Then; we are interested in using domain decomposition methods for solving the previous models. Using suitable numerical methods, we have performed a systematic study of these parameters as a function of ecoulemfnts topology of the fracture network and matrix to fracture permeability contrast.

Les representations sociales des musees par les jeunes de la En regime turbulent etabli, on observe dans un tube deux modes d’ ecoulements selon que le liquide mouille ou ne mouille pas la paroi.