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With about 5 W input the amplifier provides an RF output of about 80 W on 28 MHz rising to about watts on MHz, using a single PL (EL) that had . EL/6KG6. High Performance Beam Power. Tetrode he Svetlana EL/6KG6 is a beam power tetrode intended for use in class A,. AB or B audio amplifiers. EL Substitutes. No information available. EL Ratings. No information available. EL Application Data. No information available. EL Data sheet.

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Usually I will not reactivate longer than 30 minutes. A sign that the amplifier operates as a linear amplifier! By pressing the switch temporarily the quiescent current can be measured. Adjust L1 in the 10 m band by pushing or pulling out the windings for lowest SWR with “key-down” power. In our case, matching is done with a 4: The transceiver is loaded correctly without variable input tuning.

If there are, try to shift them by removing or adding some turns. A diameter of about 2 cm and a length of 10 cm is satisfactory. This capacitance must be tuned out left fig on the higher-frequency bands. Note ifyou already have an RCA tube manual, and if the tubeslisted on the RCA charts in the back are same as here, the pageswill be the same as what you already have.

After band changing, only two capacitors need to be tuned. In this circuit datazheet grids are at datasheett potential. Keep in mind that non-professional fuses will blow, as a rule, at 2 times the nominal current. The glue prevents the washers from moving out of alignment while the core is being prepared for winding. Short-circuit one or more for a standing current of about 20—25 mA.

An adequate choke is a short ferrite rod with 30—50 turns of 25 SWG enamelled wire. Short circuit one of more for a standing current of about 20—25 mA per valve, i. Soon you will find out at which voltage a good tube drawn mA, so you have an indication if another tube is better or not. If daasheet use 1 – 2 mm diameter tinned copper wire, it will have sufficient skin resistance for VHF. By doing so, we best approximate “one-point” ground.


TDSL Tube data [EL]

There is no soft-start delay in the power supply as I presumed the step-up circuit and the internal resistance’s in the transformer to be high enough to limit the inrush current. Because of the dissipation and closeness of the power valves, a heat-resistant coil former is a must: In this circuit sweep-valves are being used.

Repeat the procedure, alternating between loading C and tuning C, till maximum power is reached. Another method of insulation is to cement two flat isolating washers e. In this way the board has only HF connections with the chassis at two points: The Telecom authorities also require it. SV2GNC’s amplifier, the external anode supply is not shown. With about 10 W drive and beginning with the 80 m band, tune the output-circuit for maximum power.

Never operate, test or adjust an amplifier unloaded as it may give rise to uncontrolled oscillations and other horrible phenomena! A toroid, self-shielding because of its low external field, facilitates compact construction. Note that all Philips subsidary companies Mullard, Valvo, etc and allfactories that made tubes under Philips license used these codes Ei, Toshiba,Siemens, etc so it’s not limited to European Philips tubes. Other pages online with tube data: In order to protect you from extra problems, I am advising you to apply only with — Volts.

To avoid flashover in a new or a long time unused tube, it is prudent to prepare “reactivate” it for his task.

EL519 Datasheet

This method is consistent with good linearity. In this circuit sweep-valves are being used. However I got several demands for a simple meter circuit and this is an example. A part of the input power is dissipated in a 50? Valves unused for a long time and even new one’s, should be first warmed up by datqsheet only the filaments on, with the correct voltage, for half an hour.


Therefore he is used a S1 to link S2. It is not necessary that they have to be made of nichrome wire.

Click Here for sheeton Sovtek 6B4-G. There are various opinions and solutions how to do it, but with a PL it can be relatively simple. For a T core, the inner diameter should be 28 mm diameter and the outer diameter 55 mm.

It has 9 turns with an inner diameter of 25 mm and a length of about 60 mm. About plate chokes, varying stories circulate.

EL519 Datasheet PDF

Often they offered their 2 meters etc. Damping can be achieved by paralleling the hairpin circuit inductor with dafasheet non-inductive resistor and by making the inductor from resistive material.

Resistance Coupled Amplifier Charts: With a good design and neat mechanical layout, there is no need for the usual parasite killers in the anode leads to stop parasitic oscillations. The internal heating activates a chemical diffusion process, which raises the emission level and also helps restoring good vacuum, thereby diminishing the number datasheeet possible “flash overs”.

Thanks to the extra current limiting resistor in the anode circuit, I datasyeet had problems with these fuses in all my amplifier projects. At the output end of the pi-circuit, a RF-choke between antenna-terminal and earth ensures a low-resistance DC-path, as a safety measure in the event of a short between the anode and the output-circuit.

The circuit transforms the anode-impedance.