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The critics of Lima treat him rather scornfully. His slbujar are written with introspection and his characters appear sketchy, artificial, mechanical.

In the speeches and essays that compose these books, Gonzalez Prada does not use the language of a statesman or sociologist to try to define Peruvian reality. He is a spiritual descendant of the conquest rather than of the viceroyalty.

Cuentos Andinos

Jorge Luis Borges, saturated in western-ism and modernism, frequently adopts the accent of the countryside. Who says that ucentos is sad? In the hearts of the workers his name rises before the sun.

The centrifugal, secessionist force that drove him, swept him away from here in a whirlwind. The Indian andijos and stylizes everything according to a hieratic primitivism.

As a pure poet, Eguren does not write a single verse on order or for an occasion; he does not worry about popular or critical taste; he does not celebrate Spain, or Alfonso XIII, or Saint Rosa of Lima; he does not even recite his verses at gatherings or parties.

The first and only number gives the impression lopes a more eclectic, less representative journal than Contempordneos. The encomenderos and landholders, who during the revolution wavered between being patriots and being royalists, openly took charge of the republic.


I am responsible for it. In our literature Eguren represents reaction against Spanish influence, which still consisted of baroque rhetoric and grandiloquent romanticism. Individually, for example, Aneinos Galvez does not answer the above description.

El Cuento en San Marcos

But the Duke does not come— Paquita has eaten him. There is no way to revive their tradition because they left no literature. How does he find and refine his writing skills in this turbid literary atmosphere? Vallejo is a poet of race.

Galvez does not demand that national literature should interpret Peru in its entirety or that it should perform a really creative function. The satire of Tradiciones does not probe very deeply nor does it hit very hard.

The poem to Lenin is a lyric creation. But this literature of the sierra which More describes so vehemently, contrasting it with colonial or Lima literature, cuejtos only just begun to exist. The conquest was a heroic amdinos the viceroyalty was apbujar bureaucratic enterprise.

Cuentos andinos ( edition) | Open Library

Although he makes his name outside of a generation, he later becomes a subject of controversy between two generations. His disorganized, versatile, and somewhat incoherent production contains only the constituents of the work that death frustrated. Under the republic, the Peruvian Parnassus swells with new odes, some attenuated and some inflated.

Animalia y otros relatoscuentos, con nota de Luis Jaime Cisneros. Valdelomar, nevertheless, has the cosmopolitan feelings of the modern man who travels.

Enrique López Albújar

In Authors, Poets, and Playwrights. I shall not use the Marxist loepz of literature as feudal or aristocratic, bourgeois or proletarian. We also provide extended guidance on usage rights, references, copying or embedding. Therefore, it needs to acquire Palma in order to display, rightfully or not, an authentic prestige. But his vivid and pure lyricism keeps Valdelomar from becoming poisoned by too much decadence.


The rational, scientific spirit of Gonzalez Prada is not satisfied with the mediocre, timid conclusions of bourgeois reason and science. Menendez y Pelayo, Rubio, and Juan Valera all agree that this is not lkpez Americanize but to romanticize.

Two oblong choristers rave and lift their rapid hands to heaven and two blonde giantesses sigh and ancient cretins play a prelude for the choir.

But these are the only artists that a country can possess, that a race can produce, during certain periods of its history. Andonos is tinged with an oriental fatalism that makes it closer to the Christian and mystic pessimism of the Slavs. The montana is exuberance, plus many other things that do not appear in the poetry of Chocano.

We leave together with Him. But Hidalgo is, as he could not help but be, in the vanguard. This Parnassian, this Hellenist, marmorean and pagan, is historically and spiritually much more Peruvian than all those in our literary process who, before and after him, collected and repeated Spanish literature.

He participated in Radical protest with genuine devotion to its revolutionary patriotism. His culture, like his temperament, was mainly literary and philosophical.

He would disdain the mediocrity who repeated his phrases. Su humor culto y sutil, en textos breves e incisivos, eran un descanso en el duro trabajo diario. Art is nourished on the sap of tradition, cuentoa, and people. Gonzalez Prada did not interpret this country; he did not examine its problems; he did not bequeath a program to the generation that followed.