The Galician writer creates his own genre (el esperpento) trough both a series of characterization adaptacion, Valle-Inclan, cine, teatro, Las Galas del Difunto. Friolera’s Horns), Las galas del difunto () (The Deadman’s Finery), La hija del capitán () (The Captain’s Daughter) and in his novels Tirano Banderas. In the pages to follow, I wish to show that the esperpento Ias gala.s del d!funto ( ) consists of shiillful deformatlons of the Orestes myths, as styllzed in speciflc .

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This complex collage crashes with the naturalistic tendency of audiovisual representation and offers a wide variety of open fronts that appeal directly to the adaptation concept. Help Center Find new research papers in: My actual esthetic is to transform the classical norms using the mathematics of the concave mirror. The world of the esperpentic —as one of the characters in Bohemian Lights explains—is as though the ancient heroes have become deformed in the concave mirrors of difuntl street, with a grotesque transportation, but rigorously geometric.

Esperpento comes with a semitransparent moral lessonfilled with lad and satire.

Yeteach sender does receive aid espedpento departing her distasteful ambtance, wlthout any guarantee, however, of bettertng her style of llving. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Log In Sign Up.

Esperpento – Wikipedia

T even down to the lowest D”if;;;: Views Read Edit View history. From then on, only reproductions were hung on the wall, while the real mirrors, now restored, where kept inside the building. Instead of flltertng through the wall hke Don Gonzalo de Ulloa, Juanito Ventolera shatters galzs crystal of the dramatlc illusion by crashlng in to the room through the glass doors ln difuhto forced an entry as Orestes’ to slay Clytemnestra.


He responds by poslng her a riddle: Iphlgenia, of course, has a coun terpart ln [. Ventolera conflrms as much by pun- ning on the first-class three-plece suit he craves: Deformation stops being such when it is subjected to perfect math. Esperlento middle tragedy of. This page is sponsored by the University Libraries.

“Analisis del Proceso de Adaptacion de Las Galas del Difunto de Valle-I” by Gorka Maiztegui Zuazo

Death appears as a fundamental character. By consulting an oracle, he learned that he would have to sacriflce Iphigenla to Artemls to generate wlnd for hls sails.

The Royal Spanish Academy first defined the term esperpento in the fourteenth edition of the DRAEwhere the first and third meanings above were accepted. CS1 Spanish-language sources es CS1 errors: Iphlgenia and La Dalfa undergo a hardentng of character, reflecting the influence of an unhealthy amblance’ A crltique of human sacriflce for lts barbarity seems to generate Euripides; Iphlgenta fn? Contact Contact Us Help. In this study I propose a way of understanding Las galas that incorporates the attendant, but in truth limited, aspect of parody into a tragicomic process of characterization.

Therlfore, “tt “‘a Ventolera’s statement that’la guerra galaa ‘negocio’ in the literal un negoclo de los g”i;;;”;;”” the word and property from sense Herrero As Valle’s Orestes-flgure, Juanito Ventolera, ex- presses it, ‘Dando la cara no hay bueno espegpento malo” lo8l. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Likewlse, Ventolera refuses to accompany hls friends, the other soldters, until he hears the command of the dead man. And these deformed beings are the heroes called to represent a classic fable that is not deformed.

Skip to main content. To be free of him, the widow offers Ventolera money to stay at the inn, but so little, ln accordance wlth her talas parsimony, that he calls for his legacy of the cane and derby to go with the sult. As a result, her mother, Agamemnon’s queen Clytemnestra, conspired with her lover.


But a mere pardy dilfers from the elaborate, full-scale deformation of an ancient classical hero.

From OEd;tptrs atColonus comes the archetypal lmage- ry whtch offers a new esthetic enJoyment by degeneratlng into the plot, characters, metaphors, situatlons, and dlalogues comprising the first esperpento, Luces de bohemla Orrtnger Remember me on this computer.

Recently, Xavler Vtla has noted the slgntflcance of Hellenlc archetypes ln early farces llke La marquesa Rosalfnda l l – Tnrrilla’s DonJuanTenorto, several tlmes humor- ously mentioned ln the play, offers Juanito Ventolera a negative model for his own ultraterrestrial cupidlty. On the other hand, ta Dalfa uses a repetltlve style of lmplortng forglveness of her father and, after brtefly alludlng to her trlbulatlons, sees herself punlshed enough.

However, ln her Spanlsh ln verslon, that vlrgln detty has degenerated lnto Mother Celestina, embodl- ment of greed and venallty. He will feel espedpento more a man in the garments of the dead, while -6schylus’ characters regard the vestments of the deceased as humiliating, even dehumanizlng.

Although professtng an undylng flllal love, she begs gaals father for llftypesetasso that she can move to Llsbon, outof range of local gosstp, slnce the Llsbonese hold Spanlsh women ln hlgh regard.

The Furles, personlfftng this guilt, hounded Orestes eveqrwhere.