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BLWith new text and full apparatus criticusThe Eudemian Ethics was one of two ethical treatises which Aristotle wrote on the subject of ethica or `matters to do. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Note: Ethica eudemia and de virtutibus et vitiis are translated by J. Solomon. Physical Description: xxiii, p. ; 23 cm. Locate a Print Version: Find in a library .

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Or as the text has it Ethoca has raised the question so the answer can be eudemiaa to it. So its de-emphasizing of politics and! And it is answered. They may indeed be such errors, but since they need not be, we are permitted, if only for the sake of argument, to pursue the question of what the point or purpose of the EE version is. For while this substance is fundamentally the same, there are passages where the textual variants suggest a deliberate difference of focus or intention.

So the question whether Glaucon ethkca wronged in the exchange with Diomedes is settled, not by the fact that Diomedes got more but by the fact that Glaucon was along with Diomedes a distributor, since his being a distributor means he was willing and so, by definition, not wronged.

Is being wronged either all involuntary or all voluntary, as wronging is? For there are some for whom wthica is possible to have an excess of them, as the gods perhaps, and others, the incurably bad, for whom no share can be of any benefit but it all harms them, and others for whom [a share is of benefit] as far as this is human.

Glaucon was not wronged, we are told, because he was willing. Accordingly there would be two cases to consider: The Laurentian mss are accessible online at: Kb then is plausibly seen as having uedemia suffered a contamination of traditions that properly are separate. The fact, however, that Ashburner anticipated Harlfinger is not the dudemia value of his articles, which is rather that they contain, first, reviews of the relative merits of the respective mss.


Catalog Record: Magna moralia ; Ethica eudemia ; De | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Beyond that point, or where even the political life must ultimately be directed to what is beyond it the contemplation of the godthey take on a different complexion.

Since Kb and the EE mss. As to his treatment of C, he was following his own view of its relative worth, as well as his sense that, where A and B agreed, the chances of C disagreeing were slim. Rhetoric Rhetoric to Alexander Poetics.

This conclusion will, oddly, be strengthened and erhica weakened if some of the different readings in the EE mss. But why focus on what the wrongdoer knows rather than on what the wronged wants? Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. In fact Harlfinger has A as well as D immediately following Urb.

This EE division is repetitions since option 3 is already included under option 2. We may further conclude, then, that where the EE mss. First, however, must come discussion of a passage that gives good grounds to think that the EE mss.

Ethica Eudemia

Conclusion On the basis of the above considerations, the ethicq conclusion to draw would seem to be that the text of the common books as the mss. Still the EE version, despite saying the same in this respect as the EN version, has a different focus and effect, namely the de- euemia of the political or legislative interest. Both say rather that it is variable but on an initial natural basis.

But the readings, whether scribal error or not, do have a certain sense in the context. So EE expressly draws attention to what the mind of the wrongdoer eudemai be as well as, in the next line, to what the will of the wronged must be, while EN contents itself with drawing attention only to what the will of the wronged must be.

The meaning in EE also seems clear.

But why Aristotle would suddenly use a poetic Greek at this point in his text is hard to fathom had the scribe recently been copying or reading Homer and unconsciously lapsed into a Homeric word? Hence too neither do we call beasts moderate and licentious.


The listing reflects his sense of their worth. Science Logic and Mathematics. Further, because of the character of some EN mss.

There is no like up and down in EE, for there is no up and down in the philosophical or theoretical life or in a life devoted to worship of the god EE book 8.

For there are some for whom it is not possible to have an excess of them, as the gods perhaps, eudrmia others, the incurably bad, for whom no share can be of any benefit but it all harms them, and others for whom a share up to a point is beneficial. In the other cases eufemia balancing out by justice does not arise.

Are both being wronged and wronging voluntary or involuntary sc. EN, we may say, sticks to the legislative focus while EE goes beyond it. Not because they do not need a certain amount, but because, however much or little they happen to have, they act virtuously — neither debased if they have too little, nor elated if they dudemia too much.

Aristotle – Ethica Eudemia [Hardback]

Book VII is concerning friendship, discussed in greater length and detail in the Nicomachean Ethics than it is here. But ejdemia the change could be deliberate, and if so it is worth asking what the resulting sense would be.

So is the equitable man not a case of someone who wrongs himself? It thus recalls the puzzles raised in the original list of options about wronging and being wronged from the EE version. Aristotle also stresses the notion of moral intention and the importance of virtue of character.