The Veil and the Male Elite: A Feminist Interpretation of Women’s Rights in Islam. Fatema Mernissi, Author, Fatima Mernissi, Author Addison Wesley Publishing. The Veil and the Male Elite. A Feminist Interpretation of Women’s Rights in Islam. by Fatima Mernissi. translated by Mary Jo Lakeland. Title, The veil and the male elite: a feminist interpretation of women’s rights in Islam / Fatima Mernissi ; translated by Mary Jo Lakeland. Author, Mernissi, Fatima .

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In what pages of our Muslim history, so copiously recorded, did he, as historian and expert, find the documents that allowed him to exclude women from public life, to relegate them to the household, and reduce them to the role of silent spectators?

The veil and the male elite: a feminist interpretation of women’s rights in Islam

So choose one from among yourselves. For Lalla Faqiha, to read and write an incomprehensible text was a way of celebrating the Korall as a mystery. According to him, we are incapable of understanding that past that we invoke like a magic litany because we are too engrossed in superimposing on it our present obsessions: After numerous contacts, negotiations, and discussions, she chose Basra. How is the principle of the equality of all believers whatever their sex and ethnic or social origin to be transformed into a practical political system which gives everyone the right to participate in the choice of the leader of the community?

The new religion was going to cause great changes in polytheistic Mecca, which housed in its temple, the Ka’ba, not less than idols.

Why, then, did Abu Bakra distinguish himself by a completely unprecedented misogynistic attitude? It was taught to us in a Koranic school in a particularly ferocious manner.

That is, the first civilization in which time plays a determining role, especially as a measure of things. One doesn’t journey to the- wellsprings of history to drink, but for other more mysterious celebrations, for everything that relates to memory.

The caliphs and princes, quickly realizing the political and religious importance of this new means of communication, encouraged and controlled it. After these early-morning epics, fqtima was hard for me to settle into the cramped and harsh world of school. It can merniasi that rare music that leads to dreaming or simply a dispiritillg routine.

Fatima Mernissi, The Veil and the Male Elite

View all 3 comments. The fact that, over the course of centuries, we have seen believers who criticize and judge replaced by muzzled, censored, obedient, and grateful Muslims in no way detracts from this fundamental dimension of Islam.


It was only during the critical years – 5 to 8 of the Hejira, those years of military insecurity and economic crisis – that mernisssi decided to declare total war on them. The veil and the male elite: The difference between the West and us is in the way we consume death, the past. Abu Hurayra then confessed, under pressure, that he had not heard it directly from the Tje, but from someOlle else.

It all depends on the person who invokes it.

In order to understand the ancient texts, al-Jabiri tells liS, you have to be rooted in the present. This Hadith is the sledgehammer argument used by those who want to exclude women from politics.

No one could equal his ability in this matter. The subject of many of these Hadith is the “polluting” essence of femaleness. A brief look at the process of selection of the first four orthodox caliphs, ana their deaths – always violent with the exception of the first – allows us both to grasp the events of the past and to understand the debates of the present in their light, and, above all, to familiarize ourselves with the context in which the Hadith, true and false, were elaborated.

On what occasion did Abu Bakra recall these words of the Prophet, and why did he feel the need to recount them? He hoped that one of them would believe in him and take him into their tribe and thus rescue him from the people of Mecca.

This religion is a science, so pay attention to those from whom you learn it. He prayed every day to God to grant this wish. When I used to wash myself with the Prophet, we purified ourselves with the same bucket of water. Imam Khomeini took power in Iran in the name of these two eternal motives, that is, to assure social justice by choosing a chief of state who will be inspired by the shari’a for leading the people and administering them.

They will justify war and peace. Yet the religion of the Meccan prophet was not complicated. AI-Tabari was one of those religious authorities who took a position against it, not finding it a sufficient basis for depriving women of their power of decision making and for justifying their exclusion from politics. I confess that I would have hesitated to be so generous myself, because the number of loaned books that you never see again has increased sharply since the war in Lebanon, which has sent the price of Arabic books soaring.


The problem of women allows people to grapple with cosmic changes in power without naming these changes.

The veil and the male elite: a feminist interpretation of women’s rights in Islam

Al1d that his egalitarian message today sounds so foreign to many ill our Muslim societies that they claim it ma,e be imported is indeed one of the great enigmas of our times. He was 25 years old and, according to tradition, she was over The caliphs malr also greatly concerned about it: The Meccans were searching for him in order to kill him.

This was not the case in the period of the jahiliyya, the time of ignorance according to Muslim terminology, the time when people did not have criteria for distinguishing the permitted from the forbidden, the licit from the illicit.

The best comparison I can make for western readers is This book reads like the Old Testament. She describes the way westerners, America specifically, claim to be modern and not bogged down by religion; yet she claims that Christianity and Judaism permeates our culture which it does.

Elkte objective of the ‘idda is to ascertain, in case the wonlan is pregnant, the natural father of the child in order to link the child to him. The fundamentalist movement, from its beginning, challenged and rejected the idea of the people as the origin of political decisions or legislative power, since only Allah makes such decisions.

Nevertheless, there was no unanimity on the result of the arbitration, the outcome of which was rigged. Eleven years after his selection, at the end of the year 35 of the Hejira ADa crowd of insurgents, claiming that he was governing the country unjustly, surrounded his house, and he was killed make a group who broke in while he was reading the Koran.

I am a proud Muslim woman and I am very proud to wear the merniissi and be recognised as a Muslim.