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The department had launched an online application for CST forms. to respective MVAT Return Forms, like Form , , , , & Form III E under the. New Forms under Maharashtra Value Added Tax (MVAT) annexures and returns in Form , Form , Form , Form , Form and. Single revised return for year onwards under MVAT Act (3) This Workbook also consists of Return Forms Viz., Form, ,

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To exclude a voucher, select it and click X: Aggregate of credit available for the tax period. Seller can revise the return to the tune of Rs.

VAT Forms for Maharashtra in Excel / Word

Space and all Special Characters are not accepting. In all these cases tax is not charged separately in bill and buyer is not claiming any set off.

This facility is yet to be introduced. Whether in the same report, actions taken by department on the B for e.

How should purchaser claim set-off of the same? Value of Goods Returned inclusive of taxincluding reduction of purchase price on account of rate of difference and discount.

FAQS in respect Of MVAT Return Filing in New Automation System

Can the dealer also get details of recovery action taken against the defaulting supplier? To display the report.


Dealer is not required to fill up the entire return form as maximum fields of return shall be auto populated in the preview return itself.

Displays the count of all vouchers with insufficient VAT related information. For these people to fill in this data at the end of the month manually will be a very cumbersome process.

In annexure, it can be shown as labour or other charges. How setoff to be adjusted against monthly sales.

VAT Form (Maharashtra)

In new system on the basis of Sales and Purchase Annexure, return and challan will be generated. The team can be reached at info taxclick. Cash Flow in Tally. As in your manual there is no code available for Debit Note for Sales. Yes, it is mandatory. For details mvag refer User manual i.

The assessable value and tax amount for gross value, rejections and adjustments are displayed by enabling this option. Some times on safer side many purchasers deduct tax at source even on sales transactions. In retail stores, medical stores etc. Yes, there is a change in the procedure for filing of returns. So if purchase effected from dealer on which ITC is not claimed and in next month Automation system is showing mismatch for same dealers and asked for payment what to do?


Further, would mismatch arise and full ITC be disallowed if there is difference in values on account of round off?

Excess credit carried forward to subsequent return. In some cases it is likely that the goods are not sold in the same periodicity as that of return, therefore set-off on such goods is not admissible. Adjustment to set-off claimed short in earlier return. The transactions are further classified based on the presence of VAT details in the vouchers, and their effect on the returns and annexures.

Displays the total sales local and interstatewhich include the assessable value of taxable and exempted sales, and the corresponding tax amount.

Drill down from this row to view tax payment vouchers with insufficient information. This is the Amount of Tax and Interest payable which is arrived at after making adjustments with Credit under Box 10 A against payments under Box 10B a to e.