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Product Description. Gendun Choephel is a legendary figure in Tibet. Believed to be the reincarnation of a famous Buddhist lama, this promising young monk. Visionary, artist, poet, iconoclast, philosopher, adventurer, master of the arts of love, tantric yogin, Buddhist saint. These are some of the terms that describe. A new translation of The Passion Book brings to light author Gendun Chopel’s belief that even sexual pleasure could be a path to enlightenment.

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With any hope for reform crushed by the arrival gedun Mao’s army, Choephel entered an intense period of inebriation from which he never recovered, passing away in at the age of Unfortunately, Tibet will never be free again as the US and Britain failed to assist the spiritual center of the world during their turmoil invasion.

A beautifully observed blend of biography, road movie, history and travelogue. Tales of a Cosmopolitan Pilgrimagewritten during his time in India and Sri Lanka in between and See all 7 reviews. Press Quotes –“A gritty, insightful film about the tragic life of a radical Tibetan artist and intellectual His life is documented in the film Angry Monk: Sankrityayana wasof course, mystified and bitterly upset about the decision handed down.

Perhaps his most famous and controversial work, An Ornament to Nagarjuna’s Intent klu grub dgongs rgyancompiled from instructions he gave on Madhyamika shortly before he was imprisoned, was published after his chlephel. At the Universityhe taught IndologySanskrit and Bengali.


Gendun Choephel | sreenivasarao’s blogs

His Russian wife and son were not allowed to accompany Rahul to India. He had a pleasant and a winsome disposition. Memory loss, diabetes, high blood pressure and a mild stroke struck him down. He wrote forcefully, elegantly and charmingly. He again left Varanasi on a long pilgrimage of South India. After staying with the sadhus for nearly a year, he returned home for a brief period ; and, then again left for Varanasi to study Sanskrit under a Vaishnav pundit, Baba Ram-udar Genduun.

The principles were there; butthe method of reaching those principles was what the Buddha discovered. His prose was magnificent. Who knew that Tibetans keep pictures of Chairman Mao on their walls to ward off demons? I had no opportunity to meet the Mahapandita. Whitehead Western philosophy and Buddhism Buddhism and psychology. The journey of R. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Both a personal and political portrait of this pioneering and visionary intellectual who also renounced the “false duty of monastic obligations” and smoked, drank and was marriedANGRY MONK features rare archival footage, Choephel’s paintings, and contemporary scenes of chowphel he visited, along with interviews with Tibetan historians, scholars, writers, and his wife.

Anthology of Tibetan Poets

I remember that I was impressed. All his later writings revolved around this collection, in one way or the other. He was imprisoned for three years, during Gendun Choephel visited India and was thoroughly taken up by the turbulence of the freedom movement.

Shortly after the occupation of Lhasa by the Chinese army, Gendun Choephel diedin the middle of October, He learned photography as well. Every man has a woman. He published about ten books in Bengali while he was there.


He was ready to accept change; he refused to be tied sown to a fixed idea or to an ideal. Chophel was obviously an important figure in 20th century Tibet. I did, of course, send him choephek few letters.

That took me to the wilderness called Bombay. He replied in Hindi to my letters in English. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? You will not get this life again. All the while he was writing in his diary, painting, sketching, completing the first ever Tibetan translation of the Kama Sutra, publishing a pilgrim’s guide to the sacred Buddhist sites of India, contributing reports on the outside world to an emigre newspaper, and beginning work on a non-religious history of Tibet.

Anthology of Tibetan Poets – G.C. (Gendun Choephel)

Disillusioned with a culture that worshiped tradition and feared innovation, Choephel left the stifling regimen of monastic life in in the company of Rahul Sankrityayan, an Indian scholar of Buddhism and communist activist for Indian independence.

He also became the president of the Azamgarh unit of the Indian National congress. Views Read Edit View history.