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Find answers to frequently asked questions about GMN spindles and spindle. Highest precision at high speeds: Milling spindles from GMN. We offer. High-speed spindles with an integrated motor. GMN high-speed spindles for.

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Due to cooperation with technical universities and research institutes over the years, GMN is constantly optimizing spindle technology using the latest research data. This is either characterized by an inner taper with a flat contact face, fitting bores with a flat contact face or an external taper to hold grinding disc flanges. Our internal HG high-precision precision class and UP ultra-precision set standards of the highest precision with low measurement tolerances.

Spindles milling – GMN

The new HV-X series of spindle is the answer to the requirement. GMN offers high-performance units for reliable lubrication and cooling of motor spindles. Demonstrates many features, both standard and optional, of GMN spindles for automatic tool change. The use of the highest-quality components is the basis for outstanding performance as well as long duration for GMN products. Why does my spindle need a serial number?

Training GMN offers qualified training at customer sites as well as in our facilities, in the theory and practice of the proper use of GMN high-frequency spindles. What should one consider when selecting a standard spindle? In planning machine systems and selecting the right spindles, GMN supports its customers with professional know how and broad experience. The spindle may only be operated in a direction of rotation when mounted by a thread in the center of the shaft.

GMN hybrid ball bearings Hybrid ball bearings are a material combination of bearing steel inner and outer rings and ceramic balls. There are spindle types in which the motor is flanged. What does the engraved mark on the connectors mean? Here ist pays out to use our mostly own-manufactured high-precision ball bearings. An effective liquid system keeps the operating temperature of our fmn spindles at a permanent, low level.


In the rare event of xpindle spindle malfunction, or an issue with less than expected performance, GMN offers comprehensive examination procedures which provide root cause and solutions to remedy the situation.

Heating takes place due to the current flow through the coils, which may not exceed a temperature which is appropriate to the insulation class. The options for standardized series offer the best spindle solutions for nearly all applications. Hybrid bearings achieve more than twice the life of steel bearings due to their characteristic material properties. This continuous product improvement allows GMN to provide spindles that meet the critical requirements of our customers.

Where can I find the serial number of my spindle?

HVXs spindles with low motor power

FAQ Spindles You can find answers about the most frequently-asked questions about spindle equipment below. We can react quickly and flexibly to your personal needs thanks to years of experience and our outstanding, well-trained professionals. Direct AC voltage or higher frequency for high speeds:: The maximum speed for grease and oil lubrication is increased. GMN manufactures abrasive mandrels with high roundness and flatness precision for all provided GMN abrasive mandrel holders.

It is important to master operating parameters within the limits of technical possibilities in high-performance aluminum machining. G series All-round high-speed spindle with permanent grease lubricated bearing for universal grinding, milling and drilling applications.

Equipped with the latest technology, GMN repair service guarantees a detailed cause analysis and professional service — worldwide. Bearings The use of the highest-quality components spinndle the basis for outstanding performance as well as long duration for GMN products. The new HVX-s spindles offer the same mechanical rigidity of the HVX series with larger bearings, but with smaller motor power.


Permanent grease lubrication or oil-air lubrication. Lubricators and cooling units are also available at GMN, such as plugs, cables, grinding arbors, grinding disk flanges and pulleys. Are the motor spindles fitted with sensors?

Series with GMN standard tool interface hmn grinding quills HS series High-speed grinding spindles for machining small holes. Analysis of performance requirements Spindle selection, service life calculation, characteristic values, installation dimensions, etc.

Clamping on cylindrical housing:: Oder benutzen Sie unsere Sitemap zur Navigation. Machine run times are significantly increased. The functionality, effectiveness and lifetime of your spindle can be increased with the right accessories. GMN has been designing and producing precision machining spindles for more than 80 years.

At any time on our hotline: Grease and oil-air-lubrication are best adapted to respective applications. Provides secure tool clamping as well as a high degree of concentricity for automatic or manual change. These enhancements minimize the number of spindles required to cover a large speed range. GMN also makes tool and dressing spindles for energy regeneration or test stand motors. Can GMN spindles be operated in both rotational directions? This wealth of experience, coupled with the latest production technologies, is the basis for the design, development and manufacturing of the latest generation of spindles for today’s demanding machining applications.

Are the spindles always designed as tool spindles? GMN only produces rolled steel spindles. Motor power upto 35kW:: Motor- and high-frequency spindles are fitted with powerful motors.