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Posts about Gorkamorka terrain written by thenickeninja. feel free to message the Mods with any other ideas for ground rules, otherwise have fun! I am hoping Gorkamorka is on the return list for GW. I am looking for built and unbuilt gorka Morka models in useable/strippable condition. I have a nightmare teddy, a puppet teddy and cash if the.

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I’d like to see some pics! Six pounds for a can of terrible paint, dear gods. I make my dunes out of styrofoam. A handy addition is latex gloves, not required, but useful. Each piece would be carefully torn to about the right shape and then wrapped around.

With that it was outside to paint it black and add the other base colours, dark brown for the centre, a faux Snakebite Leather for the rest. Those intrigued should dust off their weapons and get ready to Goff Rok!

Personally I have a load of rock spires tutorialthe odd sand dune, and a few other pieces to break up the board.

Pressure This was something I learnt about later and recently noticed properly for the first time. Community Forum Software by IP. Originally from Citadel Journal 27 this article was primarily credited to Gary James, the founder of Terragenesis.

I wanted to make the crates and terminals to stand out from the rusty bulkheads representing that they are actually not abandoned.

Gorkamorka Terrain

On a 4, 5 or 6 the tent has been shredded and falls to one side, allowing the vehicle to move normally from terrxin on no further rolls are needed. Instead of the mostly flat plain that Gorkamorka is normally played on one instead has alleys, roof gorka,orka, and interconnected roof top escape routes. Gorkamorka Terrain Started by FlamekebabTsrrain 01 In the morning a few areas were added to and some PVA glue was added to the empty centre to create an initial layer for adherence.


Finally, safety first hah. Low quality paint often comes with a cap that is not only gives a terrible spray shape, but also leaks. This was something I learnt about later and recently noticed properly for the first time. Do you like Free Wargames? Here’s a couple of WiP shots of them: This is NOT true if you use crappy paint, so be careful. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Before we go into scenarios for Da Town and the extra rules which exist you first need to understand a little about map layout.

A mixture of browns drybrushed onto the tent itself gave the colour you saw at the start of the article I used a fine-point permanent marker to do the stitching on the little patch. Log in or sign gprkamorka in seconds. Gathered gorkammorka useful junk bits and glued them to some bases.

You may of course want to base and paint yours differently. One of the bits that has finally reached the top of the heap is part of an Easter egg box. Do you hate them? Papier Mache hills looks cool, but time consuming, what i did was get a board of insulation foam, its 2″ thick and is about 3. Comment and let us know! On one end of each I created a short, sharpened point. My girlfriend Gorkers, Da Not So N00bz suggested it be used for a crater or similar, an idea which immediately appealed.

Then I used some diluted PVA glue about the consistency of paint and painted over the paper, taking care not to tear it. The Gorkamorka boxed game itself has lots of card models inside to get you started from the amazing card fort to the plastic sprues which contain oil drums, barricades and fuel cans. I also use rock piles, rock spires, and boulders. We made two, but that was mostly due to limited space and time.


I used one to decorate a pile of crashed junk.

Made some terrain for Gorkamorka : Warhammer40k

Add in the odd coke can and piece of Masonite board and we build every piece of terrain to fit. The toilet rolls are going to be your support columns inside the hill.

I plan on a write-up soon. Zogg, the Eternal Runtherd. Did some basing colors on my delaque gang and a cacti for gorka. Posted 03 September – I’ll take some pics this weekend and put them up.

Posted 28 January – A small-ish house painting brush trimmed down a little to facilitate dry-brushing was used to semi drybrush. The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site. Protection Finally, safety first hah. Several functions may not work. A friend had it and I must have looked through it once or twice. teerrain


Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. So gathering up a few other bits and pieces I set to work on an entry, to be finished in a couple terain days, in between revising for my HRD exam.

Take a small amount of plain flour other kinds probably work too and drop it into the water.