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Vinyl Cutter Download Graphtec FC, Vinyl Cutter Machine Download Software Installation & Operation Manual in pdf ( MB) > Download Now. Manually Adjusting the FC ARMS Sensor Level for Glossy Media and Glossy Laminated Prints. When using some glossy media or when using glossy. View and Download GRAPHTEC FC Series user manual online. Cutting Pro . FC Series Plotter pdf manual download.

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M ake the settings and operation to position the tool and media, such as automatic scanning of the registration marks by the ARMS. If the loaded media is tilted as shown below, position of the scanned registration mark is shifted from the position where it should be. Safety Precautions Use of the plotter in such a condition may result in a fre hazard or electric shock.

Operation Loosen the tool holder screw. Segment area compensation sequential mode The 4-point axis alignment is performed for each segmented area. Physical pen 2 can be set only gc8000 the tool is mounted on the pen station on the 2-pen plotter.

GRAPHTEC FC8000 Series User Manual

When The Media Width Is To Mm Press the media lock to engage it, and then pull the leading edge out of the front of the plotter so that it completely covers the media sensor. ISM increases the mark scanning success, and can also detect the registration mark on textured media, such as brushed aluminum, or glossy laminated materials. Basic Operations This chapter describes the basic methods to operate the plotter manually.

See “Structure of Cutter Pen” As instructed, turn the blade length adjustment knob to the left Supplement to fully retract the blade. Press the [1] key X. Operate switches and sensors following the instructions on the screen. Perform further adjustment by performing cutting test after adjusting the blade length manually. Adjust The Blade Length Manually Adjust the Blade Length Manually Optimal cut is not achieved unless the blade length is adjusted in accordance to the used media and the cutter blade.


Stand side bar x 2 Base assembly x 2 Center bar x 1 Allen wrench Socket head cap screw for M5 screws x 1 M5 x 20 Media stocker x 2 Stock roller x 2 Front Loading and Rear Loading It is necessary to set the loading settings from the plotter control panel depending on the attachment direction.

This function can also be used to acclimate long media lengths to the operating environment in order to minimize media expansion and contraction, and to ensure stable media feed operations.

If the registration marks are large like shown right, it can be detected even if the print is tilted. While pushing the tool holder in the upward direction, push the Supplement loupe all the way into the holder until its flange contacts the Use the same procedure to attach the pouncing Speed It may not scan the registration marks or the difference may become large when the speed is too high, but the cutting time becomes longer when the speed is too slow.

It is possible to cut at any location manually, or to automatically cut when the cutting is completed. Assembling And Connection Chapter 1: Press the media lock to engage it, and then pull the leading edge out of the front of the plotter so that it completely covers the media sensor.

This is performed by reading the mark in the middle of the feeding direction and then contour cutting is performed sequentially in each segmented area. It has a function of holding the media to the panel for preventing the lifting of the media. Page 21 Attach a media stocker to each of the left and right stand sides with two socket head cap screws, using the Allen wrench.

Origin Points Press the [1] key 5mmthe [2] key 10mmor the[3] key Supplement 50mm.

Tangential control is generally used for the cutting of thick media. Data are sorted to optimize the movement of the media in the media feed direction. Preparing to Cut This chapter describes how to prepare to start the cutting. How to Use Control Panel Contact your Graphtec call center if the problem still exists.


Press the [3] key AREA. T he front sensor is used to sense the leading edge of the media. Attach the joints to the end of the 2 outside basket tubes. There are 8 different patterns of perforated lines set as 0 to 7, and the ratio of cut and uncut part differs in each tool is raised or the force is decreased for following length every 8 mm of the cut. Tool carriage Blade Resistance from Direction of media movement Media Toll rotation axis Position of the blade Backing sheet Cutter offset The blade tip gets sunk into the media with 0.

ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system)

See Supplement “Setting the Tool” and adjust the offset value if the corner P. T he CB15UA cutter blade and a reinforced backing sheet must be used when cutting high-intensity reflective film. Size of the registration mark that can be set is from 5 mm to 20 mm.

Check the vc8000 while detecting the registration position of the registration mark.

Graphtec Manuals and Drivers – SignWarehouse Product Support

Page Page – Chapter Operation Loosen the tool holder screw. Press the [MENU] key.

Confirm the Results of the Cutting Test Confirm the cutting test results, and adjust to optimal setting. X AXIS setting screen is displayed. There are 2 types of sorting, the area sort and the tool sort.

Page Alignment registration mark A function to continuously cut the print with same design aligned, using a plugin for the Illustrator.