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Really been thinking of running this story for my 5e group after OotA. Get the book and do what I need to in order to convert it up to 5e. I’d. I made a conversion document for The Great Modron March from 2nd Edition AD&D Planescape to 5th Edition D&D. It’s up for free on the DM. The Great Modron March is an event that occurs once every Great Cycle (a period of time equal to years, or 17 cycles of the largest gear of.

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Though agreements have been made about the chosen path between marches, once the march begins they cannot be diverted from the path that has been determined for them before their outset. It was always jodron to be “slaking” A word usually used with “lust”but for some reason it ended up in PS: At Gen ConGreg Bilsland led a monster design seminar, walking the audience through the creation of a monster by using an old-school monster as a template.

Great Modron March

There are lots of good books. Your email address will not be published.

Q2 – a lot of in-game time passes from one event to the following one, and it says both in the book and on-line that i should mix it up with other adventures. Originally Posted by superstrijder Great Modron March greeat part of a campaign that ties together with another Planescape module called “Dead Gods”. Don’t neglect to read through.


The Great Modron March – Guile’s World

Any caster within 40 feet of a harginn who casts a spell with the fire descriptor must succeed on a DC 15 caster level check or have the spell fail.

The game is overloaded with awesome NPCs, locations and magic items for you to steal. For example, seeing a Baatezu or Tanar’ri may freak them out, even a lesser one.

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it! Every 17 cycles of the great cog of Mechanus a cycle being 17 planar yearsor years for you berks who are canny enough to stay away from the grinding wheels of that plane, an army of Modrons- about 10, of em’- marches out of Mechanus and circles the great wheel, entering the Outlands, crashing through every gate-town, taking an excursion through the top or outermost, or lowest layer of each plane, starting with Arcadia and proceeding around until they return to Mechanus- a trip that takes about three years, I believe.

Regarding how much info you need to give the players, the answer IMHO is not a lot. I’ve heard it mentioned in various places, and it got me wondering: Mordon, its one product that has several adventures that all revolove around the Mondron March Pretend that you are creating a stage on which a theatrical play will take place and leave the dialogue, action, and decisions up to the actors your player characters to decide.

I’m always eager for another person to join the fold so that I can steal any juicy ideas you have for your campaign Regarding how much info you need to give the players, the answer IMHO is not a lot. Finally, adventure eleven The Last Leg is for levels I can’t help but read ahead; you understand: If the infected being is an arcane spellcaster, the modronn instead produces a green slaad. For those of you not familiar with this peculiar race, we wanted to take a brief look back at these multifaceted beings.


Stats for all of the modrons can be found here. How critical to your Planescape understanding was that video game Torment? This ultimate promotion would be sought by their efforts to slay as many chaotic creatures as possibleā€¦and they’d immediately judge Primus’s slayers as both irredeemably chaotic and more highly valued than any other quarry.

Originally Posted by UltimaGabe. As Palomides said, don’t dump too much information on players new to PS. And the Great Modron March?

The method of their collection, however, remains a mystery, as they never seem to jarch questions or collect samples, merely march and observe. I am the one to blame for the more warped-looking higher level ones. Skip to graet content. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Any info would be most appreciated. The monodrone the sphere guy was completely statted out and described. Spell Disruption Su The very presence of a fire grue interferes with fire spells.