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Life at the prestigious Q High School for Girls in Tokyo exists on a precise social axis: a world of insiders and outsiders, of haves and have-nots. Beautiful Yuriko. “Grotesque” is full of schoolgirls in long socks but blanchingly free of cuteness, a combination we might call Uh-Oh Kitty. Natsuo Kirino started. Other writers, such as Miyabe and Natsuo Kirino, provide insight into elements of Japanese society that are so vastly different from Western culture as to seem.

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I’m not sure I liked this book. Overall the impression is one groteesque an existential bleakness, one way beyond the wildest imaginings of most so-called ‘noir’ writers.

But I didn’t get that in this book. She becomes nothing more than Yuriko’s sister.

‘It really is a complete fabrication’

These are unlikable and, as the title states, “Grotesque” women but the power of the tale is in how they became what they are. Yuriko, the girl, then woman, who had it all, finds attention from men to be her only source of comfort and worth.

And a noir novel is a very bad place to understand a different country. This is a really wonderful novel that explores so many different issues in society.

May 02, Ova – Excuse My Reading rated it really liked it. It may be used quite often by any old creative director who thinks their narrative needs a boostbut contextualized? Yvonne Klein ymk reviewingtheevidence. I honestly think that is the point of the novel. The book’s narrator is unnamed, which tells as much about her as anything else.


Grotesque (novel) – Wikipedia

Grotesque is categorized as a crime novel but I think it’s written in too unconventional of a way to be considered that. Ordinary is Hassle free. While one of those girls, the most brilliant and driven, gravitates towards terrorism and finds redemption through love, the other three, all of them misfits in their While I had loved “Out”, I was interested but certainly not enthralled kigino “Grotesque”.

Beautiful Yuriko and natwuo unpopular, unnamed sister exist in groresque spheres; the hopelessly awkward Kazue Sato floats around among them, trying to fit in. Want to Read saving…. But I think what we can all agree on is that prostitution stems from hatred: Grotesque is an intriguing work.

How does one arrive from point A to point B?

Kazue ,irino also irritating because of her nature. Then the narrator comes in possession of their personal journals and her life is entwined with theirs to the point of meeting and adopting Yuriko’s handsome but blind son, Yurio. Translation seems too non-original. But people who get duped wouldn’t understand. Even phrases are repeated. I have …more There are a few sex scenes, mostly they are awkward and uncomfortable.

Overall, then, as well as exploring women’s psyches, particularly in terms of their relationships with men, Kirino explores women in the context of Japanese society and how its rigid hierarchy operates against their nateuo to fully participate within it. If some kid came across you in the dark, you can be sure he’d burst into tears. I was ready for the thriller, suspense and the gory details. The narrative – the narratives get darker and darker, starting with Ms Hirata’s account of her schooldays nxtsuo their jealousies, spite and cruelties, Yuriko’s diary of her sex-life and prostitution, Zhang’s groteeque though this may be the most unreliable of allbut reaching a nadir with Kazue’s diaries of her double-life as office worker and low-class prostitute – this latter is almost unreadable at times in its unflinching naturalism.


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Their grotssque is Swiss with Polish ancestry, their mother Japanese. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. All are twisted — made grotesque — by Japanese society. When she sits before her sister’s killer, she is less interested by the fact that he committed the crime than by his physiognomy “squat, pudgy and bald View all 23 comments.

In the end, the narrator is seen treading the streets of Japan, looking for a customer as she delves into the mysterious and dark world of prostitution.