Halo: Glasslands is the first novel in an all-new Halo trilogy based on the Chief scientist Dr. Catherine Halsey broke every law in the book to. Halo: Glasslands was a great introduction for me into the Halo series, though I did have some knowledge of the franchise p [ ]. HALO: Glasslands by Karen Traviss – The first novel of the Kilo-Five Trilogy by #1 New York Times Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today!.

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The Sangheili and humans agreed to a cease-fire, but there are still people on both sides who disagree with the leaders This book is a science-fiction novel based in the Halo universe and set after the human-covenant war which lasted twenty-five years and has left both sides weak. Parangosky proceeds to discuss the status of the personnel involved with Kilo The story is very nice because it glassands highlights another previously unexplored side of the galaxy and sheds some light on some of the horrible acts of the calculating Doctor Halsey, the engineer of the Spartan Program, as well as fills in several small plot holes.

If you want to see the worst way in which to behave in relation to writing for an expanded universe you need only look at the works of Karen Traviss. Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. All while this is taking place, the UNSC Infinity is set on a course to undergo her first space trials thanks to newly incorporated Forerunner technology.

Kilo-Five must return to Sanghelios to retrieve their fallen comrade before he is lost in the fray, temporarily abandoning another growing priority on the rebel-leaning planet Venezia. Something with actual characters, a plot and ultimately hwlo story. Only a few parts of this book were enjoyable hxlo me to read and, what a surprise, those were the parts where Karen left her dramatic writing style of self righteous inner conflict and actually started to creatively write, starting to SHOW what the characters were feeling, and thinking, and leading us to extrapolate from that, instead of her just weirdly inserting it wherever she felt like.

HALO: Glasslands eBook by Karen Traviss | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Still, I enjoyed the story itself; enough happened to make it interesting but it wasn’t too jammed with plot twists. C, the United Nations Space Command, humanity is in a prosperous age.


Halsey even hates herself, for crying out loud. Sep 04, Adrian Bermejo rated it liked it. Oct 29, Robert rated it did not like it. I thoroughly enjoyed the different viewpoints of characters, those more recognizable than others and even ones introduced in the book or that I simply don’t remember readi The first thing that I should mention is that I will have to re-read Ghosts of Onyx.

Released October bbook,[4] Glasslands explores the volatile political situation in the Halo universe following the end of the Human-Covenant war.

II, glasdlands alive because of the IIs sacrifices, but also know that Halsey had no involvement in turning them into soldiers. One which, unlike before, used the soldiers for mass suicide missions and as cannon fodder.

HALO: Glasslands

Not a huge deal, still a good read and I plan to read the sequel, “The Thursday War”, but that specific theme throughout the book was too heavy and recurring. Port Stanley travels to Venezia, whereupon Mal and Vaz land on the surface, put on disguises galo meet up with Spenser. Back in the Dyson sphere, Dr. I am not sorry toor to Karen Traviss. Yes, yes it is. It had lots of action, suspence, and exciting moments.

The premise is the Office of Naval Intelligence ONI has decided to start arming insurgent alien religious groups with weapons to rise up against the strongest remaining Covenant state. Glawslands nice however, to finally have a piece of the Halo world move past the ending of Halo 3, so this isn’t that bad a start to the “post-war era.

The storyline of Serin Osman is more divided and she and her crew is glsaslands some more things. At least they were written like space marines and you could tell instantly when the person speaking was a Guardsman, astartes, Magos or Princeps. Other books in the series. A board hanging from Relon’s neck says, “We do not allow blasphemers to live. Jan 25, Stephen Holtman rated it it was amazing. The book would have been much better if the author hadn’t spent the major part of the book just vilifying Dr Halsey, it’s clear that Karen Travis flasslands done much of any homework on the previous books before setting out to hzlo this one, the characters and their behaviour in general is completely different from the other books in the series.


With superior weapons and technology, they burned world after world in their pursuit of Earth, with their goal, total annihilation of our civilization. Reference Art of Halo. After the Kaidon says he agrees with the Arbiter, Jul leaves and glasslandss back to Bekan.

Halo: Glasslands by Karen Traviss

Overall, I think Traviss jumps into the glaslsands feet first and sticks the landing. A working knowledge of Halo: Meanwhile, Office of Naval Intelligence Director Admiral Margaret Parangosky assembles a black ops team known as Kilo-Fivewhich is assigned on a covert mission to sow discord between obok Sangheili factions by any means necessary, as well as to arrest Dr.

Parangosky also believes Dr. True Colours Star Wars: Edit this page Discuss this page Page history. Ever since playing the first Halo game on the Xbox, the franchise has stuck on me, I have been looking for a way into the Halo series. An interesting beat was view spoiler [when the story crossed over into the very end of Halo 3, where Lord Hood and the Arbiter are at the memorial set up to honour the end of the war.

They find the Huragok and discover its name is Requires Adjustment. Road of Trials Stephen King 9. Meanwhile, Doctor Catherine Halsey is marooned with a group of Spartans on a Forerunner shield-world, unaware of the events of Halo 3.

Miscellaneous Undercover First mentioned.

The Fall of Reach. Italics indicate upcoming releases. Sadly, the next volumes of the trilogy weren’t quite as good. Just glasxlands moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The prologue begins with a narration from Catherine Halsey regarding the current situation within the core of Onyx.

After doing that the book picked up pretty fast.

Love it but still had the same problem as Halo: